Sunday, March 7, 2010

New accessories!

My wallet, it was dying. So I logged on to Brands Exclusive when they had an Olga Berg sale and snagged this bargain:

Originally priced at $89.95, it was reduced to just $29.99, and with only $10 postage, it was too good to miss. I refuse to pay full price for Olga Berg products that aren't real leather, and this wallet was pretty enough and cheap enough to justify the purchase.

And it was my birthday recently, and in an effort to de-clutter the surface of our dresser, I had been eyeing off jewelry boxes before Christmas at Ishka, and my lovely Husband made a mental note of this and presented me with this on the morning of my birthday two weeks ago:

It's so bright and colourful, and each compartment is actually a little pull out drawer long enough and deep enough to hold all manner of trinkets. Now I just have to get my bum into gear and put all my jewelry in it!
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