Monday, March 8, 2010

82nd Academy Awards: Part 4

Oh Steve Martin, I love you.

Carey Mulligan and Zoe Saldana (whose dress I do not like - that split is dangerously high and what is up with those ruffles?). Best Animated Short Film now.....Interviews with directors who started in shorts is showing first. Ew, creepy CGI baby!

Logorama takes the Oscar and the producer looks unimpressed. Is he French? That could explain his expression. 6 years to make 16 minutes? Yikes!

And now Best Documentary Short.....Music By Prudence wins. What is up with the editing and cinematography - they're all over the place tonight. Who is that woman that just burst in there? Is she part of it? Okay, I think she's part of it, but that was weird and now they're being music-ed off the stage. The poor guy had his speech totally interupted.

And now Best Live Action Short Film - The New Tenants. Ugh, again with the bad cinematography.

Ben Stiller who is blue and totally freaky looking. Those little ears are kind of gross. Ah, Best Make Up, that makes sense. James Cameron took a while to warm up to that. Sylar from Heroes is being shown - I heard him say he had to shave his eyebrows for the entirety of filming Star Trek. That would have looked odd. And Star Trek acutally wins, I though The Young Victoria would get it. Is that guy crying? No, maybe not. He sounded sniffly.

Jeff Bridges now, introducing A Serious Man.  That looks like it could be good, but it is the Coen brothers, who I really do not enjoy (I know, what WRONG WITH ME?) Pin It

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