Monday, March 8, 2010

82nd Academy Awards: Part 9

J-Lo, who looks really beautiful, and Sam Worthington who had to put on his Intellectual Black Framed Glasses before he can read the teleprompter. Best Score now, with some dancers leaping about. Breakdancing and ballet? That's an odd combo - very So You Think You Can Dance. Transitioning to....people racing all over the stage and more SYTYCD stuff. A B-Boy is jerking around onstage and I really don't think this dancing matches the music. Ok, the Fantasic Mr. Fox music seems to suit the dance better now, but it's still strange. Ooh, the mid-air twists are cool though. A robot simulation for Up going back into ballet and breakdancing. The Avatar dancing is good - the music seems to suit the ballet and the breakdancing more than any of the other scores. Ah, what would breakdancing be without some dudes spinning on their heads?

A standing ovation for that, really? Come on people, they're no Baby and Johnny.

Sam took off his Intellectual Glasses during the dancing. He must be ready to party now that the reading bit is over. And Up takes the Oscar. J-Lo, Sam and the Oscar dude are standing way too close to the guy that won. Ooh, Ducky got himself a hot date that doesn't want to kill him. Well done.

Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper now, two of the biggest man-ho's of the moment introducing Best Visual Effects. I need to pee again, so can we all just assume that Avatar wins? Ok, good.

Jason Bateman is on now and is introducing Up in the Air. Clooney still looks unimpressed, despite watching himself onscreen for at least a minute. Pin It

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