Monday, March 8, 2010

82nd Academy Awards: Part 12

We're back now with a montage of Best Actor nominees I think? Yeah, Michelle Pfieffer is talking about Jeff Bridges, so now we're about to see who wins Best Actor. It's totally going to be Bridges. He looks emotional.

Vera Farmiga looks lovely in  red. She's talking up Clooney, who finally looks more upbeat. Dreamy indeed.

Julianne Moore is looking nice, having done much better in the fashion stakes than her dismal black dress at the Globes. Firth looks nervous, but I really hope he wins.

Tim Robbins (WHAT HAPPENED WITH SUSAN SARANDON??) is talking about Morgan Freeman and their Shawshank experience and there is a nice little joke in there about Morgan calling him Ted.

Colin Firth still looks exactly the same as when he first appeared. Jeremy Renner seems like a nice guy.

Kate Winslet looks really nice, even if her dress is a little bit too simple in the bodice. Ok, here we go with Best Actor.....

Jeff Bridges totally won, no surprises there. And he gets a standing ovation which is nice. He looks and sounds absolutely jubilant. He speech is lovely. Wow, Scott Cooper looks about nineteen. Dude, Clooney looks pissed! Pin It

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