Monday, March 8, 2010

82nd Academy Awards: Part 10

Now Matt Damon is on introducing Best Documentary Feature. My dad was going to get something to eat, but when he heard Matt Damon was coming on he hurried back over to the couch to watch his fantasy BFF. I'd like to watch Food, Inc. but I think I would never eat meat again. And I love meat. Okay, now that Damon is gone Dad is getting some biscuits and pate. Mmm, pate.

And The Cove takes out the award. I hate seeing animals in distress, so I don't know much about this flick. That is ironic, considering I just admitted to loving meat.

Giant red Snuggies!! Now it's time for Best Film Editing, which The Hurt Locker wins. OH MY GOD  ELBOW LENGTH BLACK GLOVES. With a diamond ring over it, so Miss Piggy.

Keanu Reeves is looking scruffy with a beard. But he's introducing The Hurt Locker. How many more best picture nominees are there left? It feels like there have been about a million so far. And another ad break. Pin It

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