Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where can I Get that?

A great site got my attention over the weekend. Called Seen On, this site sources and lists clothing, homewares and other stuff worn, used and referenced in a bunch of prime time TV shows and Hollywood films. It lists the product, brand and cost, as well as linking you to the online store you can purchase the item from. They also have a music section that features songs from a small amount of TV shows (Grey's Anatomy, Lipstick Jungle and The Hills to name a few) which are sorted by episode, and a celebrity section that lets you browse by celeb, event or look.

While the website itself is a little bit of an information overload when you navigate to it's homepage, the tabs across the top are easy enough to browse through so you can ignore the main page and jump directly to what you want to look at. The variety of TV shows could be better, but it covers most of the TV networks in the USA and at the time of posting, the movie section only had three recently released films on the site, but over all it's a great idea for people to source that cute dress they saw, or find out what that great song was that they heard. It's definitely a site I will be adding to my 'check for updates' list. Pin It

Monday, July 14, 2008

Movie Review: Sex and the City

Sex and the City: The Movie.
The Players: Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall.
The Makers: Michael Patrick King, writer & director, HBO Films
Run time: 2 hours, 22 minutes

After a hiatus of four years, Sex and the City: The Movie picks up where it left off, with the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw still single (albeit in a serious relationship with Mr. Big), still a writer and still tottering around on designer heels. Her three best friends remain an ever present fixture in her life, with Miranda and Steve married and living in Brooklyn, Charlotte and Harry raising Lily, their three year old adopted daughter and Samantha living in LA with Smith Gerard. All four women are the same as they once were, but slightly more relaxed versions of their younger selves. Although they still discuss life, love and men, the story focuses mostly on Carrie and Big’s relationship as they prepare to move in to a new apartment and plan their impending wedding. Left at the altar by Big, Carrie is whisked away to Mexico by the girls, left to ponder life without the man she loves again. Upon her return to New York, she hires an assistant to help her organise her life and after a dramatic dye job, redecorates her apartment as a way of reinventing herself. Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are beside her every step of the way as she navigates through singledom again, pondering life over forty on her own as well as assisting them in the various bumps that arise in her friends’ relationships. The film was a nice continuation of the already existing storylines of the four women, and while there wasn't nearly enough screen time with Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha centric scenes, Michael Patrick King does a nice job of tying up the stories of these four women.

In a word: Good. Pin It