Thursday, June 30, 2011

Glee Season 2, Episode 22: New York

Ah, the finale. After a somewhat uneven season, it was nice to finally see the New Directions get to New York. One major thing I noticed in this episode is that Corey Monteith's (Finn) acting was super overdone. Like, bad TV teen movie overdone. Normally he's fairly okay. Not brilliant, but okay. What the hell happened?

Rachel Berry outfit #1
She performed her songs nicely this episode. But she also rocked the shit out of her wardrobe. This ensemble? SO CUTE. And apparently the coat is vintage, so don't get excited about tracking it down online. Although I bet someone will have a replica of in their shop in no time.

Original Song
Soooo, if you were going to a the National Show Choir Finals and you wanted to sing original songs, wouldn't you, you know, WRITE THE SONGS BEFORE YOU GET THERE THE DAY BEFORE? Way to be organised, guys. By the way, how much does Artie look like he wants to make love to the sandwich he's eating in this still? So weird.

Feel like Eloise?
Brittany has pills for that.

I Love New York/New York, New York montage
Yes, it was a super cheesy movie montage (Random balloon! Random bunches of flowers! Random cop on a horse!), but man, it was seriously fun. Also, I loved Brittany's outfit. I suspect only she can carry it off though - anyone else who tried it would look like a deranged golfer (and by "anyone", I mean me, obviously).

Gratuitous Matthew Morrison plug
Wow, a song from his album shoehorned into the episode as a shameless promotional item. How convenient. Bonus cheesy points for the dance-swagger up the aisle in a shadow cast by the blazing spotlight. Sooo original.

Rachel Berry Outfit #2
So gorgeous! Very Grace Kelly/old-Hollywood glamor chic. Also a vintage dress, unfortunately for us.

Bella Notte Moonlight Serenade
You have to give Finn props for creating the perfect New York date. I thought the serenade was lovely, although they were kind of invading Finn and Rachel's personal space by being RIGHT THERE. Way to kill the mood, guys.

Breakfast at Tiffany's/Rachel Berry Outfit #3/Kurt Hummel Outift #1
They styled Kurt perfectly here. The suit, the hair, the shoes, all of it. Just perfect. Rachel Berry looks adorable. ADORABLE. Red, black and white is possibly THE most classic colour combo, yes? Such a gorgeous dress, and the red shrug and black gloves are perfect.

For Good - Wicked
This was a fantastic performance. I love Kurt and Rachel as frenemies, but I love them even more when they acknowledge that they have the same dream.

Evil Quinn?
What happened here? I thought she was going to start fucking up everyone's shit at Nationals. This was kind of.....not really what I thought was going to happen.

Yeah! Performance
I found this whole performance really jarring. Number one, the girls are dressed in white Grecian dresses and gold gladiator sandals, so I expected something ethereal and floaty to be sung. Number two, the choreography made them look really, really awkward and weirdly over-enthusiastic. Like, instead of rocking an Usher song, they just looked like white girl teenyboppers (who were surprisingly tall) that had practiced in someone's living room. It was just really strange. The girl at the front was really, really bad.

Finale songs / The Kiss
What did we all think of the original songs? I kind of wasn't feeling it (although I was totally feeling the cute, kicky black dresses the girls were wearing). I don't know. It just felt really predictable. I think New Directions needed to shake things up a bit more. Now they've won with a Finn and Rachel duet and lost with a Finn and Rachel duet. So now can we please have some of the other awesome singers be showcased at the big competitions (*coughmercedescough*)?

I also found it super unrealistic the way the audience just STOPPED RESPONDING OUT OF SHOCK because two performers kissed on stage. I mean, if I were watching from the audience I would have just assumed it was scripted. I feel like the audience's reaction was just a vehicle for the writers to make it REALLY OBVIOUS that OMG IT WAS UNSCRIPTED. And also to show off Jesse's thin man scarf again. LET GO OF THE SCARF, PLEASE. It's really ugly.

Not Winning
I'm also not surprised they didn't win, or even place. Obviously they need a storyline for season 3, so they can't have New Directions winning already. Plus the original songs just weren't that great. Thoughts?

Mercedes and Sam
MERCEDES AND SAM! I think I love this already.


I forgot to add this:

So. Rachel and Finn. Sweet last scene, but if Finn suddenly decides he doesn't love Rachel, or he can't get over her kissing Puck or he decides that Quinn is his one true love AT ANT POINT NEXT SEASON I THINK THE INTERNET WILL BREAK.

Because seriously. Seriously, Glee writers. It's called character development. LOOK IT UP.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Boredom Abounds Loves: Vintage

It's no secret that I love all things vintage. While I don't have a house full of retro Danish furniture or a cupboard full of vintage fur coats, I do appreciate the aesthetic of style from eras gone by. I love vintage furniture, old music, retro homewares and so on. But what I really love to look at is vintage clothing. Specifically women's styles from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. It was a time when women's clothes were just SO feminine. Curves were celebrated and fabric was so bright and patterned and lush with all the petticoats and all the crazy underwears foofing it out.

So here are a few of my favourite vintage websites for inspiration and drool-worthy outfits.

This is REAL vintage stuff. They must trawl estate sales, second hand shops and have clients sell directly to them like nobody's business to get stuff like this:

Can't you see Betty Draper and Joan Holloway wearing these? So gorgeous. I've never purchased from the website (since I suspect my build is somewhat larger than the women who wore these dresses in the 50s and 60s). Although I wonder how easy it would be to alter the dresses.....I think the site is a really great resource for bridal parties - if you want your bridesmaids to have different looks and a bit of retro flair, this would be perfect!

Posh Girl Vintage

This is another site with real vintage wares. The site layout is a bit more contemporary than Vintageous and the clothes are so lovely. I love that they have so many different categories of clothing. I'm loving these three items at the moment:

But honestly, I could browse there for hours. The handbags in particular are extremely chic and there are some awesome hats that could really finish off an outfit nicely in Winter. Whenever I look at this site I do some serious outfit daydreaming.

Shabby Apple

Okay, people. This has been my absolute FAVOURITE online clothing website for well over a year now. Shabby Apple specialises in creating stylish, modest clothes for contemporary women that have a definite vintage feel. It's a US website, but they ship internationally, and while the shipping isn't super cheap, the cost of a dress plus shipping with the dollar so good right now and you'll be paying basically what you'd be paying for a dress from shops like Portmans, Witchery, etc.

I mean, take a look at these:

Beautiful, right? The thing I love about Shabby Apple is that their collections all have a theme - Manhattan, Oh La La, Amalfi Coast and so on. I'd actually love to see them expand their swimwear range a bit more, because retro styled bathers offer SO much more coverage than modern stuff. I find their designs so classic - the style, the cut, the colours, yet they all have a modern twist to them that makes me surprised that more shops don't offer clothes like this.

One Australian blog you simply have to check out is Esme and the Laneway, which chronicles the very vintage lifestyle of a gorgeous Londoner who now calls Melbourne home. Esme's style is completely retro, from clothing to make up to her lovely interior design. Seeing a blog like this has given me heaps of ideas on how to incorporate vintage touches to every part of life. It's simply just a lovely blog!

So tell me, what's you favourite vintage website (clothes, homewares, furniture, whatever)?

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gadding About: Joshua Radin at The Forum, Melbourne

Singer Joshua Radin made his way Down Under for the second time in two years (sans tonsils, he informed the crowd) performing shows in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane to coincide with the release of his latest album here in Australia, titled The Rock and The Tide. Thursday night I saw him perform at The Forum here in Melbourne.

The Forum is a great venue - not too big, not too small. There's both standing room and seating, so the atmosphere is usually super relaxed. From the moment Radin stepped onto the stage, the audience was completely under his spell. There was an intense energy from the get go as he performed his 2008 track No Envy, No Fear (from the album Simple Times). Radin's familiar, easy-going audience interaction began after the opening song, and he introduced the next performance (the hauntingly beautiful Everything'll Be All Right/Will's Lullaby) with a short anecdote about writing it around the time Hurricane Katrina hit, giving additional weight to a song already soaked in sincerity.

Radin performed the title track from his latest album early in the set, and again he introduced with a gorgeous story about the all too early loss of innocence that happens to kids these days. This song is one of the most unexpectedly resonant tracks on the album, and to hear it live was thrilling. The lyrics have a way of getting under the skin, and Radin's performance with his band was enthralling - his self-proclaimed "whisper rock" really captured the room, particularly with this song, and the next one (One of Those Days).

The electric guitar was busted out for Nowhere To Go (which isn't on the Australian release of Radin's album, unfortunately), The Ones With The Light and We Are Only Getting Better, all of which were a hit with the crowd, thanks to the infectious energy of Radin and his band mates, who rocked the shit out of each of those numbers. Things turned sultry when Radin sang You've Got What I Need, a song that has a definite 'gettin' it on' vibe to it, so it was no surprise to hear him reveal he wrote it for close friends of his who were trying to conceive a baby. It's so easy to call Joshua Radin's song ballads, but they're so much more than that. Thursday night's performance of Today was further evidence that his music can be described more as music with incredibly personal vignettes sprinkled through that take what could be a simple love song and turn it into so much more.

Highlights of the set included a fantastic performance of Brand New Day, which is probably one of the best indie pop songs written in years, as well as the punchy new single I Missed You, which is ridiculously catchy. This blogger was beyond excited when he announced he was going to sing You've Got Growing Up To Do, also from 2008's Simple Times album, which is a perfectly bittersweet break up song (he didn't perform it at The Espy in 2009 and I was gutted), and the final track before the encore was the delightful I'd Rather Be With You, a sweet and simple melody that perfectly portrays the start of a relationship - simultaneously hopeful and innocent, and laden with optimism.

The encore tracks were 2006's Winter (from Radin's debut album We Were Here), which was a crowd pleaser, and a cover of Bob Dylan's Don't Think Twice, It's All Right. Before he started singing the Dylan cover, he unplugged all his cords and announced to the crowd that in a room so attentive it would be a shame not to try some plain old unamplified acoustics. He then proceeded to sing the Dylan track without any help. And man, he really nailed it. You could have heard a pin drop in The Forum during that amazing last track. The audience was so enraptured with Radin's talent - I doubt many people have see a performer try that in a venue of that size. I certainly haven't.

Radin made reference a few times to his 2009 show at The Espy, and remarked about how sick he had been during that tour and how below par his singing was. I was at that show and, to be honest, his singing was really great. The 2009 show had a very different atmosphere - it was a Saturday night, he didn't go on until about 11.30pm and the audience was a little more rowdy. This Thursday night show, however, had a completely different energy. About halfway through the show, Radin paused to thank the audience for being so attentive and listening to the lyrics so closely, and that could really be felt throughout the entire show. People were so enthralled with and appreciative of his music, it was really something else.

Joshua Radin has one show left tonight at the Brisabane zoo, then he's headed back to the States. If you're in Brisbane and need something to do tonight, try and get your hands on a ticket - it's one of the best live shows you'll see for a while. Radin mentioned that he wanted to come back to Australia later in the year, and I won't hesistate to buy tickets to see him live for a third time. 

There are artists that you can see live once and be satisfied that you don't need to see them perform again. Joshua Radin is not one of those people. His music is beautiful, both lyrically and rhythmically, and I can't sing his praises enough. He is fantastic.

Sidenote: if he comes back later in the year, I really, really, REALLY hope he performs Paperweight. It's my favourite track of his and I would love to hear it live.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Friday Links - Bumper Edition!

I am zonked today, mostly because we saw Joshua Radin last night and didn't get home til late (it was an awesome show, BTW - I'll be posting a review tomorrow), but also because it's Friday and when Friday morning rolls around, all I can think about it the sweet, sweet sleep in I can have tomorrow and Sunday. I think my brain must start releasing Melatonin on Friday mornings to prepare. Ah, melatonin (I almost just typed melanoma....oops).

Anyway, there have been a heap of links floating around this week, so this is a bit of a bumper edition!

- This website is the very definition of First World Problems. Aptly named White Whine, it chronicles the difficulties middle and upper class white people face on a daily basis. I mean, sometimes being able to afford a cleaning lady is hard and when people steal your sweatpants it's a totally LIFE RUINING EXPERIENCE. Obviously we need to vent about these things or no one will UNDERSTAND OUR PAIN.

- I love Flavorwire's run down of the most annoying people you see at music festivals. So accurate. I'd also like to nominate armies of girls all dresses in the same boho bag lady chic outfits and the dudes in skinny jeans so tight they've turned into a woman by the end of the day. People, carefully putting together an outfit that you think says "Alternative Music Fan Who Threw Together This Outfit Twenty Minutes Before Hopping On The Tram" pretty much guarantees you're going to look exactly like everyone else there. No one thinks you're unique.

- Ah, hipsters. You're so ridiculously predictable with your fashion choices, to point where trying to be "ironic" actually just makes you look like everyone else in your Film Noir Critique class. You know who rocked the hipster look? Dads. Back when the fashion people are wearing now was actually just normal attire, our Dads rocked the shit out of pornstaches, Aviator prescription eyeglasses and shorts with socks and loafers. I'm pretty sure my dad had some of these exact outfits. This site is hilarious.

- Debbie Reynolds auctioned off a bunch of movie memorabilia this week. And not just bits and pieces, complete costumes from some of the biggest names in Hollywood. I mean, she had Marilyn Monroe's white dress (it sold for $4.6 million. FOUR POINT SIX MILLION DOLLARS. Who has that kind of money?). And Audrey Hepburn's Ascot Dress. It's amazing to look at the collection and see that asking prices. I personally think I need Barbara Streisand's gold dress and feather head piece to make my life 1000% better. I could wear it around the house when I'm relaxing, or doing the housework, or when I have guests over. To bad I don't have a spare $80,000 lying around. I bet it would intimdate the shit out of them.

- I don't even know how I came across this gallery of the ugliest tattoos, but I'm glad I did. If there's anything to put me off permanently inking a part of my body it's this. And this. And also this - ick. WTF is wrong with people?

- Have a look at these pop-art movie posters. I really want the playing cards ones of King Kong and Jack Sparrow in my house.

- Another Flavourwire one. This time it's a list of the top 10 best TV theme songs from the noughties. I've always loved the Little Boxes songs Weeds used, and as bad as The OC was, the Phantom Planet song used pretty perfect for the show. I also do really like the 30 Rock theme song. Do you think they missed anything?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Movie Review: Bridesmaids

The Movie: Bridesmaids
The Players: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Chris O'Dowd
The Makers: Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo (writers), Paul Feig (director), Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel and Clayton Townsend (producers)
Run time: 120 minutes
So, what do you get when you put a douchey Jon Hamm together with a very butch Melissa McCarthy, a penis imitation, a Brady Bunch reference and some really bad food poisoning?

You get this:
Annie's life kind of sucks. She has a crappy retail job, she lost all her money when her business failed, she's sleeping with a hot asshole and her roommates are seriously weird. Annie's best friend, Lillian, gets engaged and asks Annie to be her maid of honor, along with four bridesmaids from various walks of life and Annie accepts. She's happy for her friend, but Lillian's happiness also illuminates Annie's train wreck of a life. Annie begins to have reservations about the wedding preparations when she meets Helen, Lillian's wealthy new friend, who seems determined to sabotage everything Annie does.

As Annie gets increasingly insecure about Helen and Lillian's blossoming friendship, her inner crazy kicks into high-gear and she begins to lose control as the chaos of her personal life takes its toll on her friendship with Lillian. After a disastrous lunch and bridal fitting, followed by a horrifically embarrassing attempted bachelorette party trip, the tension between Annie and Lillian is high. Lillian asks Annie to step aside to allow Helen to take over the planning and Annie....well, Annie basically loses her shit and hits rock bottom.

Everything about these female characters is spot on. Annie's forced enthusiasm and feelings of inferiority during Lillian's wedding preparations is a feeling I know many women can identify with, and Wiig's chemistry with Rudolph perfect. The script, co-written by Wiig, is impressively sharp and the dialogue between the friends is genuinely heartfelt and comedic at the same time. A wonderful esemble cast featuring Melissa McCarthy, whose in-your-face honesty is simultaneously horrifying and entertaining, and Rose Byrne as the perfect Helen, portrays an hilariously over the top bridal party doing what they can to make Lillian's weddning preparations special. The It Crowd's Chris O'Dowd has a nice supporting role as the adorable Rhodes, Annie's policeman love interest, and his understated humor plays nicely off Annie's chaotic energy. 

Yes, this is a chick flick. But it's a chick flick written by women, starring women and it's incredibly funny. There's no horribly cliched sad love story or cheesy fashion montage (*coughsexandthecitycough*) to sit through just to get to the good parts. It's a story about two women at different places in their lives trying to figure out how their separate journeys will influence their friendship, which is a story every woman can identify with. While many might write it off as a "girls'" boys' film, it's actually not. It's just a really, really funny movie that has an obvious female influence every step of the way. If that opens the door to more movies like this, than who are we to complain?

I'm just going to say it: this film was possibly the funniest film I've ever seen. It's waaaaay better than The Hangover (which, FYI, I dont' think was as funny as everyone says. There, I said it). This is probably the best movie I've seen this year, and I think it will remain that way for a while.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Anyone for Tea?

I don't drink tea, but I have such an obsession with pretty teacups. So when I spotted a display stand with piles of pastel coloured teacups and saucers at a second hand shop near work I couldn't resist going in for a better look.

I walked out with these three gorgeous sets for a grand total of $25. I was desperate for a pale pink set too, but apparently there is a Bride-To-Be in the area who keeps going in and buying all the pink crockery for her wedding. While I admire her good taste, I also secretly think "Challenge accepted" and want to go around buying up pink crockery so she can't have it. Yes, apparently I am That Kind of Person*. So if you see a cute, cheap pale pink cup and saucer somewhere let me know ASAP!

Anyway, aren't the lovely? I love the pastel shades and the different shape and texture of each set. Something to start off my props box, I think.

*note: I won't actually do this. I just had mean thoughts about doing it momentarily as the purchase was rung up. And possibly a few more times since then.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun Friday Links

Man, I love a short week. Things are busy, which makes the time fly and before you know it the weekend is here again. The highlight of our weekend will be sleeping a lot on our new mattress. I CANNOT WAIT to go the f*ck to sleep on something that doesn't feel like a piece of chipboard wood. That's how uncomfortable I've been for the past four months or so.

- Speaking of going the f*ck to sleep, remember how I linked to that new kids book of the same name about a month ago? You can now download the audiobook version, read by Samuel L. Jackson. Awesome.

- So, that actor Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones) was defending his lady friend at a bar when a guy punched him and stabbed him with a piece of glass. How did he respond? He refused medical attention and ordered another motherfucking drink.

- Did you enjoy the Warblers' performance of Teenage Dream on Glee this season? Check out this mini-Warbler doing his own version (caution: you may die of cute).

- Season 2 of Glee has finished and I LOVED Rachel's wardrobe from the finale. In googling where some of her outfits came from, I discovered this website that details where you can buy the fashion from Glee, as well as some of the outfits worn by the cast on red carpets. You can search by episode or character, and it's nice to see that the cast are dressed in mostly affordable clothes. It's giving me some good inspiration for my Summer wardrobe.

- Finally, a teaser trailer for the new Muppet Movie, yay!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Glee Highlights - Season 2, Episode 21: Funeral

This was a nice episode. Equal parts humor and emotion that was nicely balanced. So, highlights?


Jesse St James vs Finn
He described Finn's dancing as being similar to a zombie who has to poop! BURN.

Sue's Rage
She is LACTATING WITH RAGE. I wonder what that would actually look like. Do you think flames would shoot out her nipples?

Figgins' Email address

Jean's Death
It's nice to see Jane Lynch being given the chance to play it straight. She really is a great actress.

Jesse's Insight
"Do you know what happens in Vocal Adrenaline when somebody dies during rehearsal? They use them as a prop, like in Weekend at Bernie's." Somehow, I really don't think he's kidding. I love Jonathan Groff's delivery. So smug. Did you know that he also took a class in judging reality TV at college, so he's ready to give advice that's both blistering and helpful? Soooo talented.

Santana's Solo
So fantastic! She really got the sound of Amy Winehouse's voice right. I loved this number.

Kurt's Solo
I really wasn't feeling it. I kind of wish he'd chosen something that wasn't a show tune. Also, was he wearing Happy Pants tucked into Docs? Ick. Although he can kick his leg pretty high without wincing, which I cannot. Points for that I guess. And for the dismissive look he threw over his shoulder as he strode off the stage without a word after Jesse's feedback.

Dear Mercedes:
I love you. That is all. 

Seriously, how much do you wish you could say "I'm about to wrap this up like a Christmas present" and walk onto a stage to lay a choral smackdown on Jesse St James? And her solo? AMAZEBALLS. Glee writers: why doesn't she have more solos again?

Rachel's Solo
Blergh, a Barbara song. Another solo I'm just not feeling. Although I loved how disappointed Jesse looked when she said she wasn't singing to anyone in her head. SUCKER.

Jean's Eulogy
This scene was intense. Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison were wonderful in it. 

Pure Imagination
To be honest, I've always found Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory creepy when he sings this song, but the New Directions' version of this song was lovely.

Quinn & Finn

Jesse St James on Camera
So smarmy. But please, oh, please let him go on Fondue For Two to judge Lord Tubbington ASAP.

Lactating with rage must be a symptom of Womb Rage. I hope it never happens to me. Or do I.....

Santana's Raspiness
She smokes cigars. Of course.

Evil Quinn
Oh boy, when they get to New York she is going to start FUCKING SHIT UP FOR EVERYONE. I can't wait.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun Friday Links

Oh man, so many great links today featuring swear words (well, the first two links anyway). I am fond of a good swear word, much to much husband's disappointment. But today, I'll let others do the swearing for me.

- Drunk Kitchen. (Language NSFW) Let's just put all the fucking shit in a bowl and bake the fucking cookies. I suspect this is what goes on in A LOT of kitchens around the world. This girl is just honest enough to record herself. BEST COOKING SHOW EVER.

- (Language NSFW) Don't text in a movie theatre and leave a complaint voice mail after you get kicked out. Because the theatre will put it on YouTube and everyone in the world will laugh at you. A lot.

- What would you write in a letter to your sixteen year old self? Over at Letters of Note, they got a bunch of celebrities to do just that. I think Patsy Kensit's is my favourite. My letter to me would probably read "Dear Julia, Wear more make up in photos because when you look back through your albums you'll realise that from the wrong angle, you kind of look like a dude. From, 29 year old Julia. P.S. Also learn how to pluck your eyebrows sooner."

- Here are some helpful tips on how to not sexually assault someone. Awesome.

- And another link to the Boredom Abounds By Julia facebook page.

Happy three day weekend everyone! I will be on the couch, STILL trying to recover from this horrible cold/flu/sinus thing that is RUINING MY LIFE.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Glee Highlights: Season 2, Episode 20 - Prom Queen

It's PROM. I love Prom things (by things I mean movies and TV shows - sorry, I'm a lot of flu medication right now. GO AWAY GERMS). So, let's get into the highlights, shall we?

Mr. Schue's Head Mirken
Okay, if you don't know what a mirken is, or you didn't think this was a funny joke I don't care. Because I know at least two other people (who may or may not be related to me) that definitely would have giggled at this (you know who you are).

Sue's List of Worst New Directions Songs
Gotta say, I'm with on her Run, Joey, Run and the Crazy In Love/Hair mash up. Personally, I wanted to hear the rest of that list. I really hope it had Crush and Fat Bottomed Girls are on the list as well.

Brittany S. Pierce's Prom Date.... your date. And your date. And your date. I think she's onto something there.

Go with God, Satan
Oh, Kurt. You're so darn catty!

Rollin' In The Deep / aka Jesse St James' entrance
I loved this cover of Adele's song. I think they paced it a tad too fast, but it had such a red hot intensity with all the meaningful stares between Rachel and Jesse. Jesse was a bit shouty, but after an entry like that, who cares. Dude needs to lose the neck "scarf" though. When he appeared in the doorway, I felt just like I was watching an 80s teen coming of age romance. Cue John Cusack shuffling in and/or Anthony Michael Hall making an inane but hilarious remark any second now. And surely Molly Ringwald will appear on-screen at any second, yes?

More Jesse St James
And do you even know how HARD college is? You have to actually go to class and DO WORK. Don't even get him started on how difficult it is to get a job at Johnny Rockets.

Man, I could really go for a chocolate malted and a burger right now....

Prom Proposal!
When this scene was on I turned to my husband and screeched "Isn't this romantic?" He didn't really think so. But whatever. It's every girl's dream to have a guy sing to her....Although I was happy Brittany stuck to her guns.

Gay Braveheart!
While I love the look, I get what Burt Hummel was saying. I love that the camera panned to Finn who was just zoned out watching the TV. Man, that dude is oblivious sometimes.

Karofsky and Kurt
Do we think he's moving closer and closer towards coming out? Nice work here between the two actors.

I've mentioned before how Glee makes me love songs I previously couldn't stand. This is yet another example. And Rebecca Black must seriously be laughing herself to the bank right now.
Seriously, the boy band moves, the massive amount of enthusiasm, it was just perfect.
Also, I don't know what the fuck Artie was wearing, but I loved it. Some kind of Prince look? Whatever. I loved his rapping.

FRIDAY!!!11!11!!!! ELEVENTY!

Brittany's Date is Your Date - part 2
I loved this quick cutaway. Tina was NOT impressed. Mike Chang as kind of digging it, though.

Artie Gets Tortured
Okay, this was super lame. The writers are really struggling to find ways to work Sue into the storyline these days, and Arite revealing he didn't really spike the punch at the END of the night? What was that? Also, where was Mr Schue? Did he just not go to Prom where his Glee club was performing? This whole thing was weird. I did love that Puck's code word to spike the punch was Torah Torah Torah though. Nice touch.

Dear Sam
Please cut your hair soon. It's approaching Bieber levels of alarm. There should be some kind of siren that sounds when guys have hair this tragic. Like, "WARNING, WARNING BIEBER HAIR BIEBER HAIR ALERT ALERT."

Rachel/Finn/Quinn Saga
Dear Quinn and Finn: You are both really fucked up. You don't want to be together a lot of the time, but you don't want Rachel in the picture, yet Finn, you get jealous when she SHOCK HORROR brings a date to Prom. I really wish the three of you are taken away and dropped on a deserted island and made to duke it out. Whoever is left standing at the ends wins. The prize? WE NEVER HAVE TO REVISIT THIS STORY LINE AGAIN.

Also, Quinn? There is so much wrong with you slapping Rachel. Even though you showed instant remorse. How about actually having an adult conversation with your boyfriend about how he seems to have feelings for someone else? How about that?

Writer, stop this mess. Now.

Brittany S. Pierce Speaks the Truth
What does it day about this show's writing when they make Brittany the moral compass?

Kurt as Prom Queen
Your thoughts? There was no way Karofsky was going to come out at the Prom. It was nice to see Blaine step in to dance with Kurt though. What a good boyfriend.

And finally....
I really, reeeeeallly HATE ABBA.


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