Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Friday Links - Bumper Edition!

I am zonked today, mostly because we saw Joshua Radin last night and didn't get home til late (it was an awesome show, BTW - I'll be posting a review tomorrow), but also because it's Friday and when Friday morning rolls around, all I can think about it the sweet, sweet sleep in I can have tomorrow and Sunday. I think my brain must start releasing Melatonin on Friday mornings to prepare. Ah, melatonin (I almost just typed melanoma....oops).

Anyway, there have been a heap of links floating around this week, so this is a bit of a bumper edition!

- This website is the very definition of First World Problems. Aptly named White Whine, it chronicles the difficulties middle and upper class white people face on a daily basis. I mean, sometimes being able to afford a cleaning lady is hard and when people steal your sweatpants it's a totally LIFE RUINING EXPERIENCE. Obviously we need to vent about these things or no one will UNDERSTAND OUR PAIN.

- I love Flavorwire's run down of the most annoying people you see at music festivals. So accurate. I'd also like to nominate armies of girls all dresses in the same boho bag lady chic outfits and the dudes in skinny jeans so tight they've turned into a woman by the end of the day. People, carefully putting together an outfit that you think says "Alternative Music Fan Who Threw Together This Outfit Twenty Minutes Before Hopping On The Tram" pretty much guarantees you're going to look exactly like everyone else there. No one thinks you're unique.

- Ah, hipsters. You're so ridiculously predictable with your fashion choices, to point where trying to be "ironic" actually just makes you look like everyone else in your Film Noir Critique class. You know who rocked the hipster look? Dads. Back when the fashion people are wearing now was actually just normal attire, our Dads rocked the shit out of pornstaches, Aviator prescription eyeglasses and shorts with socks and loafers. I'm pretty sure my dad had some of these exact outfits. This site is hilarious.

- Debbie Reynolds auctioned off a bunch of movie memorabilia this week. And not just bits and pieces, complete costumes from some of the biggest names in Hollywood. I mean, she had Marilyn Monroe's white dress (it sold for $4.6 million. FOUR POINT SIX MILLION DOLLARS. Who has that kind of money?). And Audrey Hepburn's Ascot Dress. It's amazing to look at the collection and see that asking prices. I personally think I need Barbara Streisand's gold dress and feather head piece to make my life 1000% better. I could wear it around the house when I'm relaxing, or doing the housework, or when I have guests over. To bad I don't have a spare $80,000 lying around. I bet it would intimdate the shit out of them.

- I don't even know how I came across this gallery of the ugliest tattoos, but I'm glad I did. If there's anything to put me off permanently inking a part of my body it's this. And this. And also this - ick. WTF is wrong with people?

- Have a look at these pop-art movie posters. I really want the playing cards ones of King Kong and Jack Sparrow in my house.

- Another Flavourwire one. This time it's a list of the top 10 best TV theme songs from the noughties. I've always loved the Little Boxes songs Weeds used, and as bad as The OC was, the Phantom Planet song used pretty perfect for the show. I also do really like the 30 Rock theme song. Do you think they missed anything?

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Dee said...

Ugh, that damn OC song. It will stuck in my head all day now!

I do love The Big Bang Theory's song though - big fan of Barenaked Ladies. :-D

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Sorry Dee - although I suppose there are worse songs to be stuck in your head! It makes me thing of Summer, which is depressing since it's so cold here! I had also forgotten that Veronica Mars used a Dandy Warhols song - I need to rewatch that series ASAP.