Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Glee Highlights - Season 2, Episode 21: Funeral

This was a nice episode. Equal parts humor and emotion that was nicely balanced. So, highlights?


Jesse St James vs Finn
He described Finn's dancing as being similar to a zombie who has to poop! BURN.

Sue's Rage
She is LACTATING WITH RAGE. I wonder what that would actually look like. Do you think flames would shoot out her nipples?

Figgins' Email address

Jean's Death
It's nice to see Jane Lynch being given the chance to play it straight. She really is a great actress.

Jesse's Insight
"Do you know what happens in Vocal Adrenaline when somebody dies during rehearsal? They use them as a prop, like in Weekend at Bernie's." Somehow, I really don't think he's kidding. I love Jonathan Groff's delivery. So smug. Did you know that he also took a class in judging reality TV at college, so he's ready to give advice that's both blistering and helpful? Soooo talented.

Santana's Solo
So fantastic! She really got the sound of Amy Winehouse's voice right. I loved this number.

Kurt's Solo
I really wasn't feeling it. I kind of wish he'd chosen something that wasn't a show tune. Also, was he wearing Happy Pants tucked into Docs? Ick. Although he can kick his leg pretty high without wincing, which I cannot. Points for that I guess. And for the dismissive look he threw over his shoulder as he strode off the stage without a word after Jesse's feedback.

Dear Mercedes:
I love you. That is all. 

Seriously, how much do you wish you could say "I'm about to wrap this up like a Christmas present" and walk onto a stage to lay a choral smackdown on Jesse St James? And her solo? AMAZEBALLS. Glee writers: why doesn't she have more solos again?

Rachel's Solo
Blergh, a Barbara song. Another solo I'm just not feeling. Although I loved how disappointed Jesse looked when she said she wasn't singing to anyone in her head. SUCKER.

Jean's Eulogy
This scene was intense. Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison were wonderful in it. 

Pure Imagination
To be honest, I've always found Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory creepy when he sings this song, but the New Directions' version of this song was lovely.

Quinn & Finn

Jesse St James on Camera
So smarmy. But please, oh, please let him go on Fondue For Two to judge Lord Tubbington ASAP.

Lactating with rage must be a symptom of Womb Rage. I hope it never happens to me. Or do I.....

Santana's Raspiness
She smokes cigars. Of course.

Evil Quinn
Oh boy, when they get to New York she is going to start FUCKING SHIT UP FOR EVERYONE. I can't wait.

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zacs said...

I am of an age where I recall every vocal nuance and every not-so-subtle facial expression of Barbra's when she sang THE SONG at the end of "Funny Girl." (And I have to say I loved it...but it WAS 1968 and everything was OTT). So when Rachel pulled off every facial expression and tried for every vocal nuance I wanted to puke...big time.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Zacs, I just wish they had chosen something a little more outside the box for her (and Kurt). Although maybe that's why they did that, so that we would see how kick-ass Mercedes and Santana's solos were. Either way, I didn't love it.