Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Glee Highlights: Season 2, Episode 20 - Prom Queen

It's PROM. I love Prom things (by things I mean movies and TV shows - sorry, I'm a lot of flu medication right now. GO AWAY GERMS). So, let's get into the highlights, shall we?

Mr. Schue's Head Mirken
Okay, if you don't know what a mirken is, or you didn't think this was a funny joke I don't care. Because I know at least two other people (who may or may not be related to me) that definitely would have giggled at this (you know who you are).

Sue's List of Worst New Directions Songs
Gotta say, I'm with on her Run, Joey, Run and the Crazy In Love/Hair mash up. Personally, I wanted to hear the rest of that list. I really hope it had Crush and Fat Bottomed Girls are on the list as well.

Brittany S. Pierce's Prom Date....
....is your date. And your date. And your date. I think she's onto something there.

Go with God, Satan
Oh, Kurt. You're so darn catty!

Rollin' In The Deep / aka Jesse St James' entrance
I loved this cover of Adele's song. I think they paced it a tad too fast, but it had such a red hot intensity with all the meaningful stares between Rachel and Jesse. Jesse was a bit shouty, but after an entry like that, who cares. Dude needs to lose the neck "scarf" though. When he appeared in the doorway, I felt just like I was watching an 80s teen coming of age romance. Cue John Cusack shuffling in and/or Anthony Michael Hall making an inane but hilarious remark any second now. And surely Molly Ringwald will appear on-screen at any second, yes?

More Jesse St James
And do you even know how HARD college is? You have to actually go to class and DO WORK. Don't even get him started on how difficult it is to get a job at Johnny Rockets.

Man, I could really go for a chocolate malted and a burger right now....

Prom Proposal!
When this scene was on I turned to my husband and screeched "Isn't this romantic?" He didn't really think so. But whatever. It's every girl's dream to have a guy sing to her....Although I was happy Brittany stuck to her guns.

Gay Braveheart!
While I love the look, I get what Burt Hummel was saying. I love that the camera panned to Finn who was just zoned out watching the TV. Man, that dude is oblivious sometimes.

Karofsky and Kurt
Do we think he's moving closer and closer towards coming out? Nice work here between the two actors.

I've mentioned before how Glee makes me love songs I previously couldn't stand. This is yet another example. And Rebecca Black must seriously be laughing herself to the bank right now.
Seriously, the boy band moves, the massive amount of enthusiasm, it was just perfect.
Also, I don't know what the fuck Artie was wearing, but I loved it. Some kind of Prince look? Whatever. I loved his rapping.

FRIDAY!!!11!11!!!! ELEVENTY!

Brittany's Date is Your Date - part 2
I loved this quick cutaway. Tina was NOT impressed. Mike Chang as kind of digging it, though.

Artie Gets Tortured
Okay, this was super lame. The writers are really struggling to find ways to work Sue into the storyline these days, and Arite revealing he didn't really spike the punch at the END of the night? What was that? Also, where was Mr Schue? Did he just not go to Prom where his Glee club was performing? This whole thing was weird. I did love that Puck's code word to spike the punch was Torah Torah Torah though. Nice touch.

Dear Sam
Please cut your hair soon. It's approaching Bieber levels of alarm. There should be some kind of siren that sounds when guys have hair this tragic. Like, "WARNING, WARNING BIEBER HAIR BIEBER HAIR ALERT ALERT."

Rachel/Finn/Quinn Saga
Dear Quinn and Finn: You are both really fucked up. You don't want to be together a lot of the time, but you don't want Rachel in the picture, yet Finn, you get jealous when she SHOCK HORROR brings a date to Prom. I really wish the three of you are taken away and dropped on a deserted island and made to duke it out. Whoever is left standing at the ends wins. The prize? WE NEVER HAVE TO REVISIT THIS STORY LINE AGAIN.

Also, Quinn? There is so much wrong with you slapping Rachel. Even though you showed instant remorse. How about actually having an adult conversation with your boyfriend about how he seems to have feelings for someone else? How about that?

Writer, stop this mess. Now.

Brittany S. Pierce Speaks the Truth
What does it day about this show's writing when they make Brittany the moral compass?

Kurt as Prom Queen
Your thoughts? There was no way Karofsky was going to come out at the Prom. It was nice to see Blaine step in to dance with Kurt though. What a good boyfriend.

And finally....
I really, reeeeeallly HATE ABBA.


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Dee said...

That version of Friday was AWESOMESAUCE. I hated the Adele cover, though. But I'm firmly anti-Rachel and her over-mannered warbling so I don't think she should be allowed to touch any song that I like.

And Karofsky... weird scene, but *sniff*


Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Dee, I know - Rachel can over-sing things a lot, but something about that version of Rollin' In The Deep appealed to me. Maybe because it was a duet? If she had sung it on her own it wouldn't have been as good, I think.

Poor Dave. I'm really pleased with how well they're progressing his storyline. Very subtle but emotional. I'm interested to see where it goes.

Hannah said...

Oh, amen about getting rid of the scarf! I also loved the almost-couldn't-hear-it moment when B yelled "best song ever" at the end of Friday.

I must now investigate "mirken". it sounds strangely familiar.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Hannah, that's right, I forgot Brittany yelled that out!

Oh yes, do go and investigate the mirken. But maybe not at work!

Dee said...

I hope Dave's story *does* go somewhere - Glee has a bad habit of just dropping things.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Dee - I'm so surprised it's come this far! I think they'll head somewhere proper with it next season (I hope).