Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun Friday Links

Oh man, so many great links today featuring swear words (well, the first two links anyway). I am fond of a good swear word, much to much husband's disappointment. But today, I'll let others do the swearing for me.

- Drunk Kitchen. (Language NSFW) Let's just put all the fucking shit in a bowl and bake the fucking cookies. I suspect this is what goes on in A LOT of kitchens around the world. This girl is just honest enough to record herself. BEST COOKING SHOW EVER.

- (Language NSFW) Don't text in a movie theatre and leave a complaint voice mail after you get kicked out. Because the theatre will put it on YouTube and everyone in the world will laugh at you. A lot.

- What would you write in a letter to your sixteen year old self? Over at Letters of Note, they got a bunch of celebrities to do just that. I think Patsy Kensit's is my favourite. My letter to me would probably read "Dear Julia, Wear more make up in photos because when you look back through your albums you'll realise that from the wrong angle, you kind of look like a dude. From, 29 year old Julia. P.S. Also learn how to pluck your eyebrows sooner."

- Here are some helpful tips on how to not sexually assault someone. Awesome.

- And another link to the Boredom Abounds By Julia facebook page.

Happy three day weekend everyone! I will be on the couch, STILL trying to recover from this horrible cold/flu/sinus thing that is RUINING MY LIFE.
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