Thursday, June 30, 2011

Glee Season 2, Episode 22: New York

Ah, the finale. After a somewhat uneven season, it was nice to finally see the New Directions get to New York. One major thing I noticed in this episode is that Corey Monteith's (Finn) acting was super overdone. Like, bad TV teen movie overdone. Normally he's fairly okay. Not brilliant, but okay. What the hell happened?

Rachel Berry outfit #1
She performed her songs nicely this episode. But she also rocked the shit out of her wardrobe. This ensemble? SO CUTE. And apparently the coat is vintage, so don't get excited about tracking it down online. Although I bet someone will have a replica of in their shop in no time.

Original Song
Soooo, if you were going to a the National Show Choir Finals and you wanted to sing original songs, wouldn't you, you know, WRITE THE SONGS BEFORE YOU GET THERE THE DAY BEFORE? Way to be organised, guys. By the way, how much does Artie look like he wants to make love to the sandwich he's eating in this still? So weird.

Feel like Eloise?
Brittany has pills for that.

I Love New York/New York, New York montage
Yes, it was a super cheesy movie montage (Random balloon! Random bunches of flowers! Random cop on a horse!), but man, it was seriously fun. Also, I loved Brittany's outfit. I suspect only she can carry it off though - anyone else who tried it would look like a deranged golfer (and by "anyone", I mean me, obviously).

Gratuitous Matthew Morrison plug
Wow, a song from his album shoehorned into the episode as a shameless promotional item. How convenient. Bonus cheesy points for the dance-swagger up the aisle in a shadow cast by the blazing spotlight. Sooo original.

Rachel Berry Outfit #2
So gorgeous! Very Grace Kelly/old-Hollywood glamor chic. Also a vintage dress, unfortunately for us.

Bella Notte Moonlight Serenade
You have to give Finn props for creating the perfect New York date. I thought the serenade was lovely, although they were kind of invading Finn and Rachel's personal space by being RIGHT THERE. Way to kill the mood, guys.

Breakfast at Tiffany's/Rachel Berry Outfit #3/Kurt Hummel Outift #1
They styled Kurt perfectly here. The suit, the hair, the shoes, all of it. Just perfect. Rachel Berry looks adorable. ADORABLE. Red, black and white is possibly THE most classic colour combo, yes? Such a gorgeous dress, and the red shrug and black gloves are perfect.

For Good - Wicked
This was a fantastic performance. I love Kurt and Rachel as frenemies, but I love them even more when they acknowledge that they have the same dream.

Evil Quinn?
What happened here? I thought she was going to start fucking up everyone's shit at Nationals. This was kind of.....not really what I thought was going to happen.

Yeah! Performance
I found this whole performance really jarring. Number one, the girls are dressed in white Grecian dresses and gold gladiator sandals, so I expected something ethereal and floaty to be sung. Number two, the choreography made them look really, really awkward and weirdly over-enthusiastic. Like, instead of rocking an Usher song, they just looked like white girl teenyboppers (who were surprisingly tall) that had practiced in someone's living room. It was just really strange. The girl at the front was really, really bad.

Finale songs / The Kiss
What did we all think of the original songs? I kind of wasn't feeling it (although I was totally feeling the cute, kicky black dresses the girls were wearing). I don't know. It just felt really predictable. I think New Directions needed to shake things up a bit more. Now they've won with a Finn and Rachel duet and lost with a Finn and Rachel duet. So now can we please have some of the other awesome singers be showcased at the big competitions (*coughmercedescough*)?

I also found it super unrealistic the way the audience just STOPPED RESPONDING OUT OF SHOCK because two performers kissed on stage. I mean, if I were watching from the audience I would have just assumed it was scripted. I feel like the audience's reaction was just a vehicle for the writers to make it REALLY OBVIOUS that OMG IT WAS UNSCRIPTED. And also to show off Jesse's thin man scarf again. LET GO OF THE SCARF, PLEASE. It's really ugly.

Not Winning
I'm also not surprised they didn't win, or even place. Obviously they need a storyline for season 3, so they can't have New Directions winning already. Plus the original songs just weren't that great. Thoughts?

Mercedes and Sam
MERCEDES AND SAM! I think I love this already.


I forgot to add this:

So. Rachel and Finn. Sweet last scene, but if Finn suddenly decides he doesn't love Rachel, or he can't get over her kissing Puck or he decides that Quinn is his one true love AT ANT POINT NEXT SEASON I THINK THE INTERNET WILL BREAK.

Because seriously. Seriously, Glee writers. It's called character development. LOOK IT UP.
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Hannah said...

Oh, I do enjoy how much I agree with you in your recaps, although sometimes I think I'm a little more extreme than you (can we just get rid of Mr Shue already? Ugh.) I, too, felt the finale songs weren't inspiring at all, and the Yeah performance slightly bizarre. Also, yes, the ending was completely obvious, but that's not really the point, I guess :)

I wish I coudl pull of Brittany's outfits, but also steal rachel's wardrobe. Also, I just love that song from Wicked, even if they butchered it a bit in shortening it!

Oh Glee. I shall miss you, but I'll probably also forget you a little bit as True Blood has returned. Woot!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Hannah, I actually tone down my attitude a bit here - otherwise there would be too much swearing.

Yikes, I forgot to put the last bit in, thanks for reminding me!

I'll miss it too - it's such easy, entertaining viewing (when the lack of continuity isn't enraging me!)

Dee said...


Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Dee, I thought there were much worse episodes this season than the finale, but I felt like the finale definitely didn't flow very well.

Here's hoping season 3 is WAY better.