Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun Friday Links

What a busy, busy week. It felt slow, but whipped by at the same time. Let's jump straight into the links, shall we?

- I just know you're going to want to start off your Friday by enjoying this clip of all the Jon Hamm cameos jezebel put together. The Unadulterated Joy of The Jon Hammeo.

- I feel so out of the loop, but did you all know that TopShop is coming to Australia? Apparently they're opening on Chapel Street. Here's hoping they don't overprice things in comparison to their UK stores/online prices (ZARA and THE GAP I'm looking at YOU. We're not stupid, you know). Hopefully H & M and Urban Outfitters/Anthrolpologie will eventually make their way here too.

- I found this Australian website during the week when I was searching for miniature glass milk bottles online. How adorably retro is their party stuff? I've ordered these, these and these.

- Check out this funny trailer for every Oscar winning film ever.

Happy weekend everyone! Pin It


Felicity said...

I enjoyed the final link in particular although I need to watch more movies as there were quite a few I didn't get.

Happy day!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Felicity, I know, there are so many I haven't seen! Thanks for stopping by!