Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun Friday Links

Has anyone else noticed the days are getting longer? Just a fraction. I arrive home at 6pm each night and I've noticed over the past two weeks that the sky isn't quite pitch black yet! Spring will be here in five weeks and I cannot wait. That's only forty one days away! Hooray!

Anyway, here are your Friday links:

- So instead of a regular movie poster, apparently there's something called a motion poster now. Because we all spend every waking minute with our eyes on a screen so we can no longer look at static images in real life anymore or something? This is the first time I've heard of it, and the first one I've seen is from The Hunger Games film adaptation. I have to say, it does look pretty cool. I love the tagline they've used, and the bird calls you can just hear in the background are a nice touch.

- Ever wondered approximately how many words you know? Test your vocab here and it will give you an estimate. Mine wasn't as big as I thought, but seriously, who the hell knows what terpsichorean means? If you do (without googling!), you better leave a comment. I dare you.

- In case you missed it, someone wandered in to the Murdoch/News of the World hearing in the UK and cream pie'd Rupert Murdoch. Or shaving foamed him if you want to be accurate. Here's the footage, in case you missed it. My favourite part is when his wife reaches over to whack the guy. My only question is how did a guy walk into a hearing very obviously holding a cream pie without being stopped? Did people just look at him and think "Huh. Dude's got a cream pie. Wonder what's for lunch today" and ignore him? Also: security. Where the hell were you?

- Finally, have you "liked" the Boredom Abounds By Julia facebook page yet? If not, hop to it!

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Anna @ IHOD said...

I have never heard of a motion poster so off to check it out. Hunger Games trilogy was what I just finished! Amazing!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Anna, how awesome were The Hunger Games? The motion poster is new, but effective I think.