Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Retail Therapy - A Wallet

Last year I bought this wallet. I love Olga Berg, and I loved the vintage, worn look that wallet had. But within a week of using it I realised just how unnecessarily big it was and just how much space it took up in my handbag. And yet I stuck with it for a whole 'nother year and a bit. Finally had a sale and I nabbed this chic number:

It's from Status Anxiety's Penelope collection, a brand I hadn't heard of before. But the colour grabbed me straight away, since I was looking for something that wasn't beige, brown or black. This is a nice, sophisticated colour, and the cross pattern gives it a really subtle texture, which I love. It retails at $69.95, which is understandable because it's real leather. I managed to grab it on for $30. Bargain!

Best part? My Olga Berg wallet was quite literally an inch and a half thick. This one? About 1.5 centimetres Such a difference!

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Kiki Chaos said...

Is that eelskin? I looove the feel of eelskin, so ridiculously soft. I know what you mean about thick wallets. Thinner ones are more chic, I think. Good choice :)

rachel said...

Gorgeous wallet, the colour is beautiful x

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Kiki, I have no idea, there was no tag or anything! It does feel lovely, but I suspect it's just regular leather.

Aelie, thanks - the colour *is* really nice!