Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Friday Links

Half day today, WOOT. I'm getting some microdermabrasion done this afternoon, which basically means I get to lie in a warm, cosy room and have a machine blow warm steam on my face while soothing music plays in the background and a beautician prods at my fave. I CANNOT WAIT.

If you're in Melbourne, how gross is this weather?

Here are your Friday links!

- Have a look at this slideshow of abandoned cities around the world. It's kind of creepy.

- You know how there was that whole Swarley thing on How I Met Your Mother? Well, someone started an actual website that documents all the incorrect spellings of people's names on their Starbucks cups. I bet somewhere out there, some parents-to-be are reading it thinking "I LOVE the way they spelled Katy - let's totally use that for our unborn child's name!" 'Creative' spelling of baby names is not okay, people.

- This book shop worker has a great blog that chronicles the crazy ass things people say to her while browsing in the shop. I bet there are many, many retail workers that could add to this, from all types of shops.

- Most people know about The Selby, but it's worth another mention. It's basically a website that offers a view inside the workspaces of creative people all over the world. I'd love to be featured on a website like this, but the photo would just be me in my pyjamas sitting on the couch with my laptop, which isn't that exciting (FOR SOME. For me it's quite pleasant).

- Allow yourself to be soothed by this beautiful youtube clip of some people in Poland who
set the world record for most amount of floating lanterns. How lovely is it? I recommend turning the volume on the clip down and playing it with your slow song of choice - it's really mesmerising.

- At a U2 concert this week, Bono saw a sign in the audience that said "Blind Guitar Player." The guy holding the sign wanted to play a song for his wife. So what does Bono do? He invites the guy up onto the stage to accompany them.
Check out the video here.

- Finally, it was the Fourth of July in the States this week, and My Drunk Kitchen has a
patriotic video up to celebrate. Enjoy! Pin It

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