Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beauty Spot - Direct from the USA

My sister just got back from two and a half weeks in the States. I only had one request: get me some make up. 

One item in particular:

If you saw my post on Twitter last night, you'll know exactly what it is....

Exciting, yes?

I'm not a beauty blogger, so I'm not going to swatch it up or go into extensive detail (mostly because I haven't had time to properly apply any of it, but here's another picture of it:

A few of the colours on the left half of the palette are actually more gold than they appear in the photo. I played around with it last night and the pigment is pretty good - it goes on smoothly and the colours are lovely.

It cost me $51AUD. I've seen some on ebay going for $85, so I'm pretty happy with that price. Oh, and apparently my sister walked into a Sephora, didn't see any on the shelf, asked the sales assistant and he declared he was "going to take care of her" (but not in a creepy, mob way - more in a very camp male sales assistant way thank goodness) and ran out the back to get a couple for her. Easy peasy!

Oh, and that last colour, the blue at the far right? AMAZEBALLS.

There. How's that?

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mialou said...


Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

mialou, it's so awesome! I've only used it twice, and both times the pigment has been really concentrated and thick, with a lovely shimmer. Best part is that at the end of the work day my eyeshadow hadn't blended all together in a mush the way it usually does (but that may be because I actually bothered to put primer on first!)

Melanie B said...

You lucky thing! I found a really good makeup blog a few months ago with great video tutorials, and the makeup artist only used urban decay. Looks lovely to use

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Melanie you'll have to tell me what the website is - I'm always on the lookout for good tutorials!

Laura said...

I really want an eyeshadow palette! I have recently discovered inglot makeup and I think I want one of theirs. Its a shame they are less than half price in the US, so annoying!


*Dream Weaver* said...

This palette is just lovely! :)
I heart.