Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun Friday Links

I spent most of this week feeling like someone was trapped inside my sinuses and was trying to punch their way out. Fun times, I tell you. But, I did come across some entertaining links to keep me distracted from the throbbing pain in my face.


- So, apparently actors reading kids books is the new Thing. Here's a clip of Christopher Walken  reading The Three Little Pigs. I wonder what the weirdest celebrity reading would be. Bobcat Goldthwaite reading Guess How Much I Love You?  Maybe Gilbert Gottfried reading Peepo perhaps? The possibilites are endless.

- Noni Hazlehurst reads Go The Fuck To Sleep. I think I would find this funnier if I didn't know a really interesting and fairly accurate piece of gossip about Ms. Hazlehurst from the 1990s, which speaks VOLUMES about her as a person.

- More Jon Hamm - this time, he emotes. It is brilliant.

- Apparently Jon Hamm/Don Draper is becoming something of an Or something? Anyway, if you every find yourself in a sticky situation and you don't know what to how to handle it, just ask yourself "What would Don Draper do?"

- I saw this link about an hour after I posted last Friday's links, so you may have already seen it, but I think it merits posting. What your favourite 80s band says about you. I think the Wham! one is my favourite.

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FYI - Emmy nominations are out today, yay! Who wants to bet January Jones wears something cracked out on the red carpet again?

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Dee said...

My favourite 80s band was Spandau Ballet - I had a scrapbook of pictures of them that I took everywhere with me.

And now you have to tell the Noni Hazelhurst gossip!