Monday, March 8, 2010

82nd Academy Awards: Part 7

A spoof of Paranormal Activity that is actually pretty funny. And now the Twilight peeps, Taylor Lautner and KStew, and they really need to turn the music down. A tribute to horror? Ok I guess?

Oh man, I am such a wimp. Was that Clooney? What horror film was he in?

Efron and Anna Kendrick now. Morgan Freeman narrating - I could listen to him speak forever. I love all that foley stuff being explained. And now Best Sound Editing....Another Avatar win?

No, The Hurt Locker! Suck on that James Cameron! Wow, long blond hair on a dude? So 90s.

And straight into Best Sound Mixing.Transformers got nominated? Didn't that come out, like 2 years ago?

Cool, The Hurt Locker wins again and long blond hair is back. Ooh, they sat Katherine Bigelow in front of James Cameron? Interesting.

Elizabeth Banks now and I really like her dress, the grey is stunning on her. The Sci-Tech awards now, and I'm guessing Avatar won nearly everything?

John Travolta is now introducing Inglorious Basterds. Is he wearing jeans? We can't tell, but I hope not. The Oscars is so not the place for jeans - the Grammys maybe, but not the Oscars. And now random shots of the audience before cutting to another commercial break. Pin It

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