Monday, March 8, 2010

82nd Academy Awards: Part 5

Ah, I missed a few seconds due to a pee break!

Okay, we're back with Best Adapted Screenplay nominations being announced by Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhal. Yay, Geoffrey Fletcher / Precious won!! Ooh, so emotional.

Was that Adrien Brody in the audience? He looked heavily made up, so maybe not.

Queen Latifah now, who I think looks incredible. Something about the Governor's Awards and the highlights of the night. Roger Corman was honored, Gordon Willis as well. Lauren Bacall next up - man she was beautiful - so sultry. And John Calley (honored, not beautiful).

Corman and Bacall are up next - Matt Damon and Sandra Bullock look kind of bored. Well, I guess Matt has nothing left to look forward to this evening now that he's lost his category.

Robin Williams looks like he's lost weight, and he looks a bit less hairy than usual. Best Supporting Actress now.....

Penelope Cruz is so beautiful - if I looked like her a lot of my problems would be solved I think. Why didn't I know Maggie Gyllenhal was nominated. Anna Kendrick is so adorable. Mo'Nique is totally going to win though.....

Yup, Mo'Nique has it in the bag. Wow, standing ovation, well done people! Performance vs. politics, well said. She looks lovely in that blue.

Colin Firth now - so British. Introducing An Education. Pin It

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