Monday, March 8, 2010

82nd Academy Awards: Part 6

Sigorney Weaver is freaking 60 years old and she looks so fantastic. The red is gorgeous on her. She's introducing Best Art Direction - who thinks Avatar is going to win? Everyone? Ok then.

Yep, Avatar won. Snore. Get ready for a James Cameron love fest. And a random shot of Kathy Bates.

Best Costume Design now and a joke about Clothes Whores. Tom Ford and Sarah Jessica Parker now. I love SJP's hair, but the dress is kind of a potato sack. That set needs to stop moving behind them because it's making me dizzy.

The Young Victoria wins, no surprises there - a period piece always nabs it. The cut and style of Sandy Powell's dress is really lovely, but I'm not sold on the armfuls of bangles and the hat.

Now Charlize Theron with her boob grabbing dress, introducing Precious. And yet more commercials. Pin It

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