Monday, March 8, 2010

82nd Academy Awards: Part 1

Here we go people!

Some kind of weird opeing thing is going on where we are supposed to bask in the awesomness that is the actors as they stand on the stage. It's a bit of a snooze. Meryl Streep looks amazing though.

Neil Patrick Harris, woo!! Ooh sparkly jacket. The music is a bit loud though, I can't quite hear the lyrics. Something about Botox and then Meryl Streep? Okay, seriously, the music is way to loud, I did not hear anything he just sang.

Great entrance by the hosts, I love the hand holding as they trotted down the steps. Man I love Steve Martin. Ooh, careful, Alex might punch you if you don't introduce him properly, Steve.

Captain Von Trapp for the win! Er, do the writers know what spoiler alert means? That kind of fell flat with the audience.

Helen Mirren also looks fabulous.

Sme blah blah about the various actors in the audience. And now they're mocking Avatar and Sam Worthington did not look impressed. Clooney also looks really bored. Does everyone always have to clap whenever his name is mentioned?

Why is Diane Kruger there with Tarantino - where is Pacey??

I wish I had Sandra Bullock's hair. I'm not sure about her dress though.

Ugh, Efron, Lautner. Blarg. Although Efron's hair looks better now that he apparently washes it.

Penelope Cruz is the first presenter and her dress is stunning. Best Supportin Actor is the first award of the night.....

Look at Matt Damon's fake nose, that is HUGE! Woody Harrelson has come a long way since Cheers (according to my Dad). Captain Von Trapp looks pretty good - how old is he anyway? Stanley Tucci looks so creepy as that killer.

And no surprises, it went to Christophe Waltz for Inglorius Basterds. His speech was really nice I think. My dad is disappointed Matt Damon didn't win - he thinks Matt is a really nice guy. I think he wants to be BFFs with him.

Huh, Ryan Reynolds introducing The Blind Side, and they totally didn't cut to the commercial quickly enough, there was an awkward moment of watching the set change for too long. Pin It

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Anonymous said...

Your dad sounds sure Matt Damon would be happy to be BBFs with him