Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SAG Awards 2011 - Fashion Round Up

Wow, people totally Brought It to the SAGs this year, I'm impressed! Even Helena Bonham Carter looked relatively normal - I mean, her shoes actually matched. What is this world coming to? Although it does make my life a bit more difficult because it's harder to snark on people when they're dressed perfectly, but I'll do my best to infuse this post with appropriate levels of snark and praise.

See what I mean?
Oops, but wait - something's not quite right.....
Quirky John Lennon sunglasses are GO. We can now commence the round-up.

The I Wore My Dressing Gown But It's Okay 'Cause It's Sparkly Award - Christina Hendricks
At first I didn't like this, but I've come around to it slightly. It fits her perfectly and her boobs aren't spilling out over the top, which is a plus. But it does kind of look like a dressing gown. I mean, I love my dressing gown as much as the next person, but would I wear that pale blue terry toweling thing out of the house? No. No I would not. I would have liked this with a nice drapey sleeve that finished just before her elbows. I also would have liked this whole look a lot more if she didn't have racoon eyes. Seriously, this woman has amazing skin. Why does she have a make up artist who doesn't understand this at least 50% of the time? The racoon eyes are okay in some instances, but I think she needed a kick-ass red lipstick because her face looks really washed out from all the black.

The You Almost Got It Right Award - January Jones
I think I really almost like this. I mean, lets face it: she's not wearing a bright red bandage across her boobs, her dress isn't weirdly asymmetrical, and she's actually done her hair in a nice, classic style. I know this kind of thing isn't for everyone, but the shape suits her figure and the gold lace motif on black is really striking. It kind of tends towards looking a bit like a tablecloth because there's so much pattern, but there's at least one tablecloth dress at every awards show, so what can you do?

The You Definitely Got It Right Award - Tina Fey
Yay! She finally, finally got it right! Remember the jumpsuit of horror? The heiroglyphics dress? This is SUCH an improvement! She looks so amazing in red. Ah-MAzing! The style is simple, but the textured fabric and the slight detail at the neckline make a simple dress look fabulous. A+ Liz Lemon. A+!

The Ripped T-Shirt Fail Award - Jayma Mays
This could have been pretty. COULD HAVE. But it's just sort of weird. It looks like Jayma thought she could improve on the dress, so she grabbed a pair of scissors and hacked part of the skirt off at the knee. The result looks like that failed off the shoulder t-shirt you tried to make when you were fourteen and you secretly stole your mum's good material scissors from the sewing cupboard and quietly hacked away at your favourite t-shirt, put it on, realised it looked terrible, took it off, hacked away at the neckline some more, tried it on again, realised you fucked up a really good t-shirt and shoved it in the back of the cupboard hoping no one would wonder why you never wear it anymore.

Er....not that I would know what that's like. No siree.

The Sassy Award - Amber Riley
Have you noticed how Amber Riley always ends up on my award show fashion round ups? And that I only ever have good things to say about her? It's because she consistently kicks ass on the red carpet and this is no exception. She looks so stylish in black, and while I don't love the ruffles at the bottom, it balances the tight bodice out nicely. The ruching on the bodice is flattering to her curves, and the one shoulder with the ruffles on it is subtle, but adds a little pizzaz to what could have been a boring, strapless, sweetheart neckline. She looks like she'd be totally sassy and fun to hang out with in real life. I bet she's a hoot at the after party!

The Fabric Print Award - Mila Kunis
To be honest, at first I didn't really like this. I'm not a huge fan of printed chiffon formal wear. I don't know why - I think it can just tend towards looking a little Year 12 formal-y. But the colours do look lovely on Mila and the soft, billowy style is a safe choice for someone as svelte as her. I'm not completely sold on the little train though - it looks too much like an afterthought, or like someone forgot to hem the back properly. What do you think?

The Deer In The Headlights Award - Winona Ryder
"You guys! What the hell is going on? I fell asleep in 1999 and suddenly I wake up, fully dressed in this white gown and standing upright on a red carpet. I can't seem to blink. WHY CAN'T I BLINK? All I can remember from the last thirteen years is shoplifting a bunch of crap, kissing Rachel Greene and then I was in a cartoon or something with Keanu Reeves. Weird.......
"......oh, wait, I've still got the same handbag I had in the late nineties, and....yep, my hair is done in those ugly bunchy, twisting things so it MUST still be 1997. Right? Right? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MEEEEE?

The Neutral Award (nominees) - Heather Morris, Jenna Ushkowitz and Hilary Swank
Heather loves her netural and gold tones, and with good reason, since they do look nice on her. The style of this dress, though, is a nice change from the column dresses she's worn in the last couple of months on the red carpet. The beaded bodice is really pretty and the soft, floaty skirt gives her a nice, feminine shape. A simple but neat hair-do and minimal accessories completes this lovely ensemble and I think she looks really pretty.

Jenna often makes choices on the red carpet that make me think "meh" when I see her. But this dress is just stunning on her.a simple neckline with some gathers that gives way to just the right amount of soft, fluttery ruffles in a shape that suits her figure. The nude tone looks suprisingly good on her, and the chunky jewelry and the stylish up-do, along with a dark lipstick make this one of my favourite looks of the evening.

Hilary Swank is another lady who makes choices on the red carpet that make me think "ooooh, bad choice lady." She has such a lean, muscular figure that she often looks rather mannish to me in a lot of her outfits - I do take one look at her arms and be thankful I never have to shake her hand. I imagine it would akin to wrestling with a boa constrictor. Of course, some of the outfits are just kind of ugly, mannish figure or not. BUT. This dress is stunning on her. She wears the nude shade very nicely, and the beaded border along the asymmetrical neckline makes the dress interesting. The gathers give her torso a nice curve and the tousled, bed head hair and understated make up look stunning. This is one of my other favourites of the night.

The Neutral Award (winner) - Lea Michele

 I love this. I know a lot of people thought it made her look disproportionate on top, and she does look like she's puffing her chest out a lot in this photo, but I'm really happy she chose the slim, flowy gown instead of the OTT ballgowns she often goes for. I think this style suits her tiny, tiny frame lot better - those ballgowns tend to compeltelt overwhelm her. I do think the neckline doesn't need to be as plunging (sometimes less is more when it comes to breastage), but I love that the whole gown has subtle beading and a little train finishes it off nicely. She also went in the right direction with minimised accessories and tousled hair, and I think she looks gorgeous.

The Worst Dressed Award - Kate Mara
Disclaimer: I actually think Kate Mara is really, really pretty. So I don't quite know why she left the house wearing the headband she uses at night to keep her hair off her face while she washes off her make up. Or why she's wearing her grandma's underwear corset with ruffles. This whole look was a mistake. MISTAKE!

The Best Dressed Award - Tied

It's a TIE people! The first ever Boredom Abounds Fashion Round Up Best Dressed Award Tie! It was a close call, but I loved both of these looks for very different reasons.

Julia Stiles
I love this. Julia's choice for a navy, two tone dress in a soft chiffon was the absolute right decision. I didn't like what she wore to the Golden Globes at all - I think she looked uncomfortable and the dress kind of swallowed her up. I also don't think black suits her that well. The navy, however, looks really nice on her. Her soft curls and statement earrings are lovely accessories to a simple, elegant look, and I just adore the soft blend into white at the bottom of the skirt - it was different enought to stand out without being weird. A really perfect look.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara always looks nice. But she always falls a little short to me. She's not afraid to wear colour, which I love, but she'll have too much cleavage spilling out the top and sides, or the style of the dress is just a little bit too ordinary. This blue number, however, is amazing. The colour alone is so different to what everyone else wore, but the style fits her like a glove - in the good way. The ruching all the way down and across the bodice are so flattering on her, and the soft drop pleat at the waist shows just enough leg without being too in your face. This is easily my best dressed of the night, and I called it as soon as I saw a picture of her while perusing the red carpet arrivals on Monday.


Well, that's it for now - until the Oscars in February. Hope you all enjoyed it - leave me a comment and let me know who your best and worst dressed were for the night!
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Zacs said...

I am really starting to worry about Jayma Mays.. and makeup artists in general...but with Jayma it is more like "either listen to your stylist or your family....but you can't compromise..OK?"

Julia R said...

I know - she's so adorable on Glee, but on the red carpet she just...completely misses the mark.

Hannah said...

Thanks heavens for Julia Stiles! I honestly wasn't feeling at all enthused by any of these dresses until hers. They all seem kinda dull and safe to me (apart from Jayma Mays, which is really just terrible.) Thank you for being my glimpse at the SAG awards! They weren't shown on TV here so I was bereft of fashion snark until I read your blog (haven't even been to gofugyourself, actually!)

Julia R said...

Hannah, I know, it sucks that they don't air the awards on free-to-air tv! Yes, I was very 'meh' on a lot of the dresses too, but thankfully a lot of ladies provided some good fashion fodder for me!

Claire said...

You spelt completely incorrectly. I think you need to proof read. Good post though, very entertaining.

Julia R said...

Thanks Claire. I will take that suggestion on board (I wash in a rush posting that entry).

Julia R said...

Also apparently I can't spell the word "was."