Monday, February 7, 2011

Retail therapy - silver things

There is a shop I drive past every day on my way to and from work that has enticing luxury items that are totally useless but insanely expensive. Just before Christmas they had a huge sign up on the window saying "Closing Down" so I pulled over and went in to have a look. I came home with a necklace that was originally $59.95 but I got it for twenty bucks. I visited the shop several more times before it closed down and each time I came away with some really cute jewelry, all reduced down to twenty bucks.

This was my last purchase before they closed their doors. So cute and delicate, and the little diamantes give it a little sparkle. Also, who would pay more than twenty dollars for either of these? Crazy people, that's who.
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Anonymous said...

why did you post this after the shop closed we could have rallied to save it.

Anonymous said...

sorry that was sammy i can't be bothered registering for another thing.

Julia R said...

Sammy, I know, I've been meaning to post this for a while, but kept forgetting. Honestly, I don't think anything would have saved the shop - it was one of those shops with quirky home decor that's cute, but no one would ever buy because it's so expensive ($500 for a checker board, $300 for one candlestick out of a set of three, etc), so I'm guessing that's why they closed down!