Monday, February 21, 2011

Glee Highlights: Season 2, Episode 11 - The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Overall, I thought this was a fun episode - I mean, forcing groups of people together who have a mutual loathing of each other always makes for fun TV, so it was nice to see Coach Bieste and Mr Schue jam the glee club and the football team into the choir room and watch them behave like three hundred drunk women waiting to use the only toilet in a nightclub (feigned pleasantries that barely conceals their hatred of everyone in the line ahead of them. Especially that one girl who goes in, vomits everywhere, uses all the toilet paper to "wipe" it up, then leaves giggling with her friends).

First off though, the return of Sue's journaling  was awesome, but the back tattoo??

Rachel and Puck duet
These two have such great chemistry and they sound great together, but WHY did they choose such a generic, boring song? I find music like that Lady Antebellum song just so, so blah.What a wasted opportunity. But did anyone else love that Coach Bieste knew all the words? Can you imagine her rocking out to it while she irons all her shorts and waits for America's Next Top Model to start? Because I totally can.

Rumble in the choir room
An all-out melee! Even the girls jumped in - Rachel had to be picked up and held back. She may be a diva, but she's scrappy. I like that.


Whenever this show is lacking in funny moments, I always wish Figgins is featured to liven things up with his shouting and saliva spraying and arm waving. And this time he was! FIGGINS! Oh, and Sue lost half her budget. SUCK IT.

Sue's Rampage
Obviously any teacher who went on a violent rampage in the school would be fired in a heartbeat, but I adored the fact that during Sue's tantrum in the gym, she couldn't pick up a medicine ball to throw it. Kind of puts a dampener on the whole destruction thing, huh?

The girls' bathroom
I need to make the term "ninja poop" a part of my vocabulary ASAP.

She's Not There
I really liked this number. The zombie make up and dance moves added a weird element to it, but I think it was kind of cool since the song is by The Zombies after all.

Co-ed football team
I loved that the girls stepped up to the challenge. The little football helmet head-butt between Rachel and Puck was too cute.

Michael Jackson / Yeah Yeah Yeahs number

So awesome. Make up, costumes, dancing, just everything. Fantastic.

Loser of the Year
Nice touch with Katie Couric doing the interview. Sue's world has been turned upside down. I'm interested to see how crazy this makes her.

Karofsky is still a closeted gay man masquerading as a giant homophobe. I like that the footballers suddenly enjoying themselves while singing and dancing didn't magic the homophobe out of Karofsky. I wonder how they're going to make things come to head between him and Kurt. It has to happen soon, I think. Pin It


Hannah said...

Best line of the season so far: Lauren with "I'm gonna bring the pain!' :D

Julia R said...

Hannah, I know - she was great!

Dee said...

I loved the "She's Not There" zombie number, but I was disappointed with the Thriller mash up. I don't think Thriller is a song that should be "mashed" with anything else.

Julia R said...

Dee, I enjoyed it, maybe because I'm not a huge fan of either Michael Jackson or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I was frustrated with the camera work during the number though, because I couldn't see all the awesome dancing properly!

Kiki Chaos said...

Hi Julia, just wanted to invite you to participate in a fun photographic project started over at Honeyhype...

Hope it inspires you too :)