Monday, February 14, 2011

Glee Highlights: Season 2, Episode 10 - A Very Glee Christmas

It was a little disconcerting watching a Christmas episode in February (thanks a lot CHANNEL 10), and I did have a few issues with some of the plot, but overall it was an okay episode. So, here are my highlights!

Ugly Sweater Count

Oh man. So many ugly sweaters. And they're all worn by Artie. I love it. Even Rachel got on board the ugly sweater train:
Although her is kind of cute. I would totally consider wearing it if I didn't live in a place where Christmas is in the Summer.

Brittany and Santa
Somewhat unsurprisingly,  Brittany is still a firm believer in Santa, which is sweet. I did love her whispered discussion with the elf at the mall - "Elves have rights too!"

Christmas Carols in the Classroom
Okay, if I was a student and a glee club as awesome as New Directions interrupted one of my classes to sing Christmas Carols I would love it so much. And yet, these kids get booed and a TEACHER throws her SHOE at them. WTF? This isn't a George Bush press conference or ABC's Q & A. Those people are clearly morons.

Blaine and Kurt's Duet
So good. And they are so into each other - they were totally having duet eye-sex with each other. Get a room guys.

Rachel and Finn
Ugh. Rachel needs to stop pushing herself on Finn. She messed up and she needs to live with the consequences.  I mean, God, Rachel. Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Sue the Grinch
I feel like they're really struggling to find ways for Sue to sabotage the Glee Club lately. She does make a cool Grinch, but some parts of this storyline felt a little stale to me.

Rachel's outfit
I NEED this white, diamante beret, red coat, white scarf and white gloves ASAP, people. So adorable.

Sue and Will
Aw, Sue found her Christmas spirit. It's a Christmas miracle!

Will's outfit
Ewww, Will decided to channel Jason Priestly's Beverly Hills, 90210 days. It's a Christmas tragedy. Pin It


Hannah said...

And that, my dear, is why I found this episode on the Internet in late December ;)

Oh gosh, that Blaine and Kurt duet? My brother and I had been talking about how great that song is on Christmas Eve, and then I watched the Glee ep, and I decided that I wanted to be a gay man.

Love your sweater count... though is it bad to admit I didn't notice them? :S

Julia R said...

Ha, I thought about watching it online, but didn't get around to it!

I have a keen eye for ugly sweaters - especially Christmas themed ones!

appl3pie said...

Oh I missed this one, thanks for the recap :)

And "channelling 90210" HAHHAAA!

Julia R said...

app3lepie, as soon as I saw that white shirt/vest combo my mind went straight to Jason Priestley!