Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gadding About - Birthday Edition

It was my birthday last Saturday. I don't want this to turn into a photo heavy blog post of five billion different photo angles of the same ingredients/meals/etc, so I'll keep it brief (but delicious).

Here is everything I ate.


Cupcakes from Cupcake Central in Hawthorn. They were the baby cakes and were $2 each. So light and moist and perfect for a bite sized dessert. We got a variety of raspberry and white chocolate, chocolate devils food cake, vanilla vanilla, cookies 'n' cream (each shown above) and chocolate malted milkshake (not pictured). I will definitely be going back there to sample the rest of the flavours, and I highly recommend you stop in to stuff your face with cupcakes ASAP.

On my actual birthday evening we dined at Hellenic Republic, where I've been wanting to go for a while now because I love Greek food (and NOT because it's one of the Masterchef judges' restaurants, I promise you). 

Entree was Tyri saganaki (Kefalograviera with peppered figs - left) and warm pita bread with Taramosalata (white cod roe dip right). These three things were some of the most delicious entrees I have ever eaten. EVER. The salty cheese with the sweetness of the figs was delicious, and the pita bread and dip were so fresh and perfectly prepared they were delightful to eat.

Main meal was grilled calamari (tasted like it had dill and another herb I couldn't identify), Arni sto fourno (slow roasted lamb, garlic, oregano) and Fasolakia (green beans with feta and pine nuts). The calamari was nice and tasty, but holy cow - that lamb? Incredible. So tender and the spices were flavoursome without tasting too salty or garlicky). The green bean salad was small, but the flavours went well with the mains.

Then we saw Black Swan and feasted on Ben & Jerry's ice cream for dessert. No pics because I HAD TO EAT IT ALL REALLY FAST. I had the mint choc chip flavour and the chocolate pudding flavour, which went nicely together.

And that's how I began the last year of my twenties. It better be a good one, universe (shakes tiny fist at the skies)!!

The end.

Actually, wait. Not the end.

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Hannah said...

Happy happy birthday!!! :D :D :D

This year, I want fried cheese with figs to celebrate my existence too. And Ben and Jerry's, except I want Chubby Hubby and the Peanut Butter CUps one, which I don't think are available in Aus :(


Genevieve said...

Happy Birthday!

Looks and sounds like you had a lovely day ... and the cupcakes ... yummy, pretty cupcakes ... mmm ...

Julia R said...

Hannah, thank you! They did have a peanut butter flavour at the scoop shop I was at - I think it was choc peanut butter. I almost got that flavour, but at the last minute decided on choc mint.

Genevieve, thank you! Those baby cupcakes were perfect. They sell normal sized ones too, but the bit sized ones are a nice little treat when you've already eaten too much!

Anna of IHOD said...

Thanks for stopping by!!
Hope you had a fantabulous birthday!
The meal sounds uh-mazing!

Julia R said...

Thanks Anna - love your blog (and plan to revisit it soon)!

Heidi said...

happy birthday!! I am so happy to hear your hellenic review. I am dying to go there to try the saganaki & figs. When we went there it was for brunch. Can't wait to try their lunch/dinner menu. & black swan... loved it, but wow, intense! Glad you had a great day :)
Heidi xo

Kiki Chaos said...

Ah, thank you for the "5 billion angles"-less post :D Obviously the same things annoy us! Dying to try Hellenic Republic. The best lamb I've ever (seriously, ever) tasted was at Press Club (before MC too), so know Hellenic will please too. Happy birthday!

Julia R said...

Heidi, thank you! I didn't realise they did brunch there - an excuse for us to go back!

Kiki, thank you! Yes, I thought about trying out The Press Club, but I have heard such rave reviews about Hellenic that I thought we better see if it lives up to it's reputation - so glad that it did!