Sunday, February 6, 2011

Glee Highlights: Season 2, Episode 9: Special Education

This was a nice return to form for Glee. The storyline was snappy, the characters actually developed somewhat and there were nice, big musical numbers throughout the episode. So, without further ado, here are my highlights!

Miss Pilsbury tells is like it is
I love that as soon as Will mentioned Sectionals, she totally nailed his set list plan without even having to hear it. His bewildered "Have you been going through my desk?" was so innocent and confused that I couldn't help but giggle. It's a shame that Mr Schue doesn't realise what talent the entire glee club has until someone else reminds him of it. And I love that Ms. Pilsbury is able to have a conversation with him now without batting her eyelids or being all nervous and girly. She's all grown up!

Interesting that Kurt doesn't automatically get to be the star of the Warblers as soon as he walks in the doors of Dalton Academy. You can tell he was sort of expecting it to be that way, and it's nice to see a glee club run by students in a fair way. Oh, and his joke about bringing the canary with him to work at the stray cat shelter at the bottom of a coal mine? Gold.

Brittany S. Pierce
Did you know she's more talented than everyone else in New Directions? Because she does. Britney Spears taught her that. Just like she knows that the cricket that reads to her at night is totally stealing her jewelry.

Puck: The Official New Directions AmBADASSeror
I love that Mr. Schue knew how to appeal to Puck's ego to get him to recruit a new member.

Rachel's star shines too bright....apparently
Wow, Mr. Schue totally yelled at her. And with good reason. It's good for Rachel to be brought back down to earth from her self-appointed pedestal, but it's also good to see Mr. Schue act like a real teacher for once. Look who suddenly grew a spine!

Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Fuck I love that song.

The Warblers make an annoying song sound awesome
Seriously, who knew a Train song could sound so good? But then you know how much I adore a cappella performances. Although my husband and I both noticed that Kurt looked very unsteady during the performance - did he feel out of place? Was he going to throw up? Or did he just forget to poo before he went on stage? Who knows, but it was interesting to see him not feeling completely at home on the stage.

The Santana of it all
Ugh. Thank God Finn also grew a spine and told Rachel what I had been shouting at the television every time she opened her mouth. She and Finn WEREN'T EVEN GOING OUT when he slept with Santana, so GET OVER IT already. Also, Mr. Schue came in and shouted at them all again. I'm really enjoying Mr. Schue with a spine. I hope he doesn't misplace it in future episodes.

The Time of Our Lives
You all know how I feel about Quinn and Sam singing this number: bland. Why they didn't get Mercedes and Puck or some of the stronger singers I don't know (oh, wait I do - because it wouldn't have worked with their storyline), and even my husband who (apparently) doesn't like Glee observed (complained) that Quinn and Sam entering from the rear of the theatre had been done before. It was an okay number, but not my favourite. Although I was happy they paid homage to Patrick Swayze's pelvis thrust from the movie (2 minutes 39 seconds if you click on that link. You're welcome).

Brittany and Mike Chang's dancing
So awesome. I'm so glad they featured it at Sectionals. They need to feature them more often. Valerie was an awesome number - Santana sounded fantastic and it was just perfect.

Unsung heros is nice. But how about completely UNDERUSED, Glee producers? You sort of made it up to me by getting them to sing a Florence and the Machine cover, but don't let this happen AGAIN. Are we clear?

Whew. There were heaps of highlights this episode. Even my husband proclaimed it "a bloody rollercoaster ride", so you know it must have been intense. Next week - the Christmas episode that we are seeing in February because channel ten sucks.

Wait. How could I finish without mentioning the calendar Rachel took down from her locker.
Of course she would be the kind of girl to create a cat calendar.

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Hannah said...

Ooh, love this refresher! It's been a while since I saw this episode but I agree totally with you. Quinn and Sam = dull, yes yes. Rachel = incredibly irritating and needs te have some sense smacked (figuratively) into her, and more of the good dancers and awesome underused singers, yes yes! Love your highlights posts :)

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Thanks Hannah! It was a pretty good episode, I thought. Snappy and fast-paced, which is what I love about Glee.