Monday, January 31, 2011

Glee Highlights: Season 2, Episode 8 - Furt

So, since channel 10 hasn't aired a new episode of Glee since the last week of NOVEMBER, 2010 (WTF dudes), I never got around to doing a highlights recap of the Furt episode. Oops.

BUT. The good news is that a "new" episode ("new" is a term I use loosely, since we are already THREE episodes behind the States) airs tonight, so here is a very belated round-up of the episode highlights (and lowlights, in this case). Enjoy!

Kurt / Karofsky bullying
I like that this bullying storyline hasn't been neatly solved in one Very Special Episode. There's a realness to the scenes between Kurt and Karofsky that I'm willing to bet a LOT of kids identify with.

The New Directions dudes band together to tell Karofsky to back off Kurt. It's a sweet gesture, and although I'm sure Karofsky and his jock friends would crush them to a pulp in about 0.1 of a second, it was nice to see the guys acting as a united front for Kurt.

The wedding of the season.....?
Oh, yeah. Kurt's dad and Finn's mother are getting married. They announced it at the start of the episode and then suddenly the wedding was completely organised within about three days (seriously, dress, venue, flowers, church, choreographed dance routine - who can do that within three days? Apparently Kurt can. Who knew?) I loved, loved, LOVED the dance number down the aisle to a Bruno Mars song (and I am not a Bruno Mars fan at all). It was fun, happy, silly and just awesome.

Mike and Carole's vows....
....were all about Kurt. If I was Finn, I would be so pissed. The whole wedding was basically a celebration of Kurt, and while I acknowledge he's been having a rough time, it seemed odd that he was the focus for a lot of the episode, rather than the people, you know, getting married. But then it wouldn't be Glee without inconsistent and bizarre storylines!

The stupidest wedding of the season
Sue's wedding to herself. Ugh. This was an obvious attempt on the part of the Glee producers to give Sue some screen time, because otherwise she just wouldn't have been in the episode. Honestly, as much as I love Sue's character, I would rather they left her out than concoct a stupid storyline like this one. And Carol Burnett guest starred as her mother, and I just think it was a crappy way to engineer Sue's mother coming back into town.

Kurt cried and then he left
To go to the Boys' School for Super-gelled Haircuts and Impromptu A Cappella Performances in the Hall (aka Dalton Academy). I think he's going to love it there.

New epsiode tonight peeps, so that means there will be another Glee highlight later in the week! Pin It


TV Series Planet said...

After “A Very Glee Christmas” wherein the spirit of Christmas spread all over the episode and some surprising exposure, Now for the next episode "The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle" wow, great interpretation of Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle with heads will roll. I can't wait for the next episode Glee Season 2 Episode 11

appl3pie said...

I'm a bit of a late bloomer with Glee. For so long, I tried to go against the grain but one day that all failed when I 'had' to watch till the end of the Britney ep.
I was hooked as of that ep.

So I guess, I'll have to just read through your Glee posts to get myself up to scratch!

And last Dec, when 10 were playing all those reruns, it took me a few eps to realise it was old! HAHAHA the storylines confused me until I worked it out HAHA

PS. I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger award :)

Julia R said...

appl3pie, I know once you start watching it you're sucked in for life!

It's pure escapism for me and I love it.