Sunday, January 2, 2011

My New Addiction

Wedges. So Summer. So funky.

Wittner Kindred Wedge in Buttermilk. Purchased before Christmas for $139.95, but I daresay you could pick them up for under $100 in the sales.

If anyone sees a black peeptoe wedge with a wooden heel like these ones let me know! Wittner only has black in suede or in styles that are too high, but I want leather, and preferably not too high.

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Hannah said...

Beautiful! I actually don't own any wedges at the moment, as my toe troubles have prevented me from buying any pretty new shoes. I'd definitely steal these from you if given the opportunity, though. ;)

Julia R said...

Yeah, they're super cute! I have to break them in, but I'm looking forward to parading around in them!

Heidi - Apples Under My Bed said...

Such pretty wedges, they're so gorgeous. So summery! I want some too!
Heidi xo

Julia R said...

Heidi - check out the Wittner sales. I'm sure they'd still have a few pairs left. I bought mine at Southland, and saw a few pairs on the shelves when I was there last week!

Anonymous said...

I love Wittner. I swear I've bought something like 8 pairs from there in the last few months (the sales are a big drawcard).

Julia R said...

samstillreading, I know what you mean - I've already got my eye on some patent leather loafers for Winter, in all three colours (tan, black and white). It's a dangerous shop to walk into!