Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Emmy Award Fashion

The Emmys were on today! So, of course, here's my fashion round up after the jump.....

Let's start with Lauren Graham and The Award for the Worst Use of an Abstract Piece of White Cloth.
I think she went out for Italian before walking the red carpet. Why do I think this? Because she forgot to remove the giant serviette from around her neck that was used to protect her dress from the dreaded spaghetti bolognaise splashback effect. She should really write an angry letter to that restaurant berating the staff for not reminding her to take it off before she walked out the door. Then maybe this dress would have looked a lot nicer.

Tina Fey wins The Award for Best Recycling of Happy Pants from the 1990s:
When I looked at the thumbnail, I thought "Huh, she may have finally got it right." Then I saw the enlarged version, and no, she did not. The shape and cut are gorgeous and flatter her, and it's certainly quirky, but the pattern on the fabric just screams Happy Pants to me. Sorry Tina. Hey, at least she didn't wear a hideous jumpsuit to this major awards show.

The Annual My Dress is Trying to Eat Me Award - Mindy Kaling
There's always one of these awards. If Kaling had gotten rid of the frou frou around the neck line, lifted the hemline a tad and gotten rid of even more of the frou frou under the skirt, this would have been adorable. But it looks like the entire dress is trying to eat her, and that is never a good thing.

The I Robbed an Egyptian Tomb to Make My Dress - Anna Paquin
Yeah....this is....weird. The neckline is super strange, and the gold whatevers just don't work for me. It adds a lot of weight to her shoulders. The skirt is lovely and flowy, but the top half is totally wrong.

The I Dragged My Dress Through Pond Scum As Soon As I Stepped Out of the Limo Award - Toni Collette
Dudes, she is PISSED at the limo driver for pulling up right over a pond when they arrived at the red carpet entrance. PISSED.

The This is So Weird I Don't Even KNOW Award - January Jones
I mean....this has PASTIES ON IT. What was she THINKING? Er....great colour though. That's about the only redeeming feature. Oh, and someone needs to tell her that you do not even travel to an awards show in a convertible with the top down, because...yeesh....That hair is a disaster.

The Oh Honey, NO - Rita Wilson.
A white shift dress I can get behind. What I cannot get behind, however. is a white shift dress with what appears to be those beads you hang in doorways when you're sixteen sewn OVER THE TOP OF THE WHITE SHIFT DRESS. Oh, and can we please talk about the shoes? It looks like she got the remaining beads and a hot glue gun and just went a bit crazy. Not cool, Rita, not cool. No one should hear a clacking sound as you walk. Ever. Even Tom Hanks has distanced himself from her - he looks totally confused, but he's just plastered a smile on his face because, well, what else can he do?

Whew. That was some BAD fashion people. Let's move on to the good stuff, shall we?

The I'm Pretty Sure I Kind of Like This Award - Dianna Agron
There's something so soft and feminine about this, which suits Agron perfectly. If I look at it for too long I do start to think of a tablecloth, so let's just glance quickly at it and look away thinking "huh, that's pretty", okay? Okay.

The Grecian Goddess Award - Amber Riley
Dudes, she looks fabulous! The white is stunning on her, the cut is flattering and her accessories are perfect. I have a tiny problem with the neckline totally making her look like she has no neck, but the whole look pretty much works wonderfully on her.

The Age Appropriate Award - Tied: Jane Lynch and Susan Sarandon
This deep purple colour is lovely, and the cut is just so flattering on a woman of her height. Really well done.

Same here with Susuan Sarandon - a beautifully cut dress with just the right amount of sparkle on it. Bonus point for her daughter's old Hollywood glam dress as well.

The Best Dress You've Worn in a While Award - Elisabeth Moss.
Oh, Peggy Olson, well done! Seriously, Elisabeth Moss has been very hit and miss on the red carpet, and I get frustrated with her because it seems as though either she or her stylist don't know how to dress a girl with curves. This is perfect for her though - the bodice detailing is very flattering, and the one shoulder accent draws the eye up in a gentle way. The train is effortlessly flowy, and it's just gorgeous on her. The only suggestion I have is that maybe this would have been nice in a soft colour, perhaps a pink or yellow, but other than that, she gets full marks!

The You've Finally Worked Out How To Dress For Your Figure Award - Christina Hendricks
This looks absolutely fantastic on her. We haven't seen in her in a dress where her boobs are not totally falling out of her dress (or smushed up under he chin) for a while. This dress fits her properly, is a nice colour and her make up is understated and pretty. Like her castmate above, I say well done!

The Metallics Runner-Up Award - Claire Danes.
This is quite understated, but with Danes' blonde locks and sun-kissed skin it really looks great on her. I love the kicky hair and her make up is really stunning - the whole look is gorgeous.

The Metallics Winner - Heather Morris.
This is so fun and elegant. I prefer these darker gold sparkles and the black belt, bag and shoes tie in nicely together. The red lipstick and the soft waves in Morris' hair are understated and feminine and don't overpower such a stand-out dress. The cut is clingy in the right places and the soft flare-out at the bottom is really lovely. A real favourite of mine (almost my best dressed of the night, actually!

The Hot Damn / Best Dressed Award - Naya Rivera.
Love, love LOVE the colour! It's simple up the top, with some nice rouching through the bodice and the bottom is a total statement skirt. The slit up the thigh with the brooch accent totall works and Rivera wears it well. I personally wouldn't have chosen that particular hair style because it does not suit the dress at all, but other than that she looks Hot with a capital H.
One thing I noticed this year is that ruffles are back. Most of the looks that featured ruffles were fairly sedate and the ruffles were more of an accent rather than a feature. These two ladies really took the idea and ran with it though, and I don't know what I think of their looks.

Lea Michele.
This is nice enough, but since she wore a black foofy gown to the Golden Globes earlier this year (which was lovely), I sort of hoped for something with colour at the Emmys today. My first observation is that she looks really, really thin - more so than usual, which is kind of annoying. Females in Hollywood - just because you're on a hit show doesn't mean you have to become a bobble headed lollipop when you're already very slender! I like the cut of the bodice, and the asymmetrical slant to the ruffles is flattering on her, but it's just another black dress to me. Oh, and I think her hair style really ages her for some reason - I'm not quite sure why.

Emily Deschanel.
Now Emily really ran with the ruffles idea. I love the colour, and and the ruffles on the shoulder and bust line are really cute and quirky. I think mostly I like this dress - it gives her a nice shape and the deep purple really suits her skin tones. The fringe is very striking and brings out the colour of her eyes, and she made the right decision keeping jewellery to a minimum wearing a dress this dress. I think eventually it's going to be a winner in my book.

So there you have it - the Emmys are done and dusted for another year!
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Anonymous said...

Am so glad Sue Sylvester won!! This is an anonymous comment from your sister...

mofo said...

I think Heather Morris was my favorite. The Glee girls were all kickin' it!!
I really like Kelly Osbourne, too. I didn't love Christina Hendricks, but she looked better then she has recently. My least favorites were, January Jones, Padma Lashkmi, Keri Russell and Lauren Graham. I also must give reluctant kudos to Claire Danes, I do hate her, but she looked gorgeous.

Julia R said...

Yeah, I agree with you about your least favourites. And yeah, I noticed Kelly Osbourne was looking really good - I probably should have given her an honorable mention!

Naya Rivera was my favourite, but not her hairstyle. That dress was a total statement red carpet dress.