Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun Friday Links -Saturday Edition

Man, these Friday's come around fast - despite the fact that this was the longest week OF MY LIFE. Thank goodness we went out to dinner last night to celebrate a Boredom Abounds' sister's birthday - it really helped take the edge off. I had the fettucine calamari in case you were wondering. So. Links?

Yes, links!

- Remember when I linked to those great hair tutorials a few weeks ago? Well, I've found some more. Lauren Conrad (yes, she of The Hills and that other show) has started a beauty blog with some other ladies and I love it. The layout is clean but feminine, the posts are short but detailed, and they have fantastic hair and make up tutorial videos and photos that feel like stuff you can actually DO yourself. I'm kind of bummed I just chopped off most of my hair because I really want to try this bun and these casual waves.

- Love your jeans? Love your pyjamas? Combine them! Here is an awesome review - make sure you read the whole thing.

- Were you a child or teenager in the 90s? Check out this tumblr and be prepared not to do anything for the next three days. You're welcome. BRB, going to watch The Craft. And Now and Then. And Clueless. And Empire Records.

- Hey, parents: need a new bedtime story? Have a look at Go The Fuck To Sleep. An ode to exhausted parents everywhere and the children who get up 469482729385 times after they've been tucked in (with thanks to a Boredom Abounds sister for that one).

- More casting news for The Hunger Games movie! Woody Harrelson has been cast as Haymitch - I'm kind of excited. I hadn't even thought of him, but I think he could be really great in the role.

- I finally got around to watching the ABC's Paper Giants with Asher Keddie. It was FANTASTIC. You definitely need to watch it. Especially for the gorgeous 70s fashion worn by Keddie. If only shops would take cues from this kind of retro wardrobe and give us some cute retro stuff to buy instead of the boho-homeless-bag-lady chic that's around (*cough*Sportsgirl*cough).
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Natalie said...

That is EXACTLY Sportsgirl!!!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

I KNOW! I can't go in there anymore without feeling like a complete and total snob. The fashion in there is just so.....wrong.