Friday, May 6, 2011

Fun Friday Links - Post Royal Wedding Edition

OMG. I am dead from tired.

But here are your links - because we all need a littler distraction today, no?

- I STILL HAVEN'T WATCHED THE ROYAL WEDDING. I know. What is wrong with me? So, to tide me over until I have more than twelve seconds of free time, I read this account of the wedding receptions. Receptions plural. Because when you're royal, you get multiple wedding receptions. I'm jealous. It sounded awesome. I would have loved to have been a guest - I bet it was a LOT more fun than Charles and Diana's wedding was. William and Kate (I refuse to get on board with 'Catherine') seem to be so genuinely in love and willing to break the mould of the stuffy old royal traditions, and I think it's adorable.

- So, The Kiss on the Balcony was all anyone was raving about. I personally thing the flowergirl's pose in this picture makes it the best royal wedding photo ever. She's just like, "Fuck off, everyone. When do we get to eat some bloody wedding cake?" But with a cute, little girl British accent.

- Okay, how adorable is this story about Prince Harry? You just know he's going to be the fun, cool uncle to William and Kate's kids.

- Remember how I predicted that one of Fergie's daughters would weird the weirdest fascinator/hat? Turns out I was right. Although it would have been so cool if the hat actually did have a cat coming out of it during the ceremony.

- Even priests feel the pressure on a wedding day. Check out how this vicar unwinds afterward the ceremony.

- Finally, don't forget that The British Monarchy has a Flickr page - I love the two wedding cakes that were served. I need the recipe for that chocolate biscuit cake ASAP, people. Pin It


Hannah said...

I'm totally with the flowergirl in that photo. Flyover, shmyover. Pah! :P

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

I know! Too noisy - just give me the wedding cake and move on!