Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun Friday Links

There are two big sports finals happening this weekend and I honestly could not care less. I ususally spend AFL Grand Final day shopping because come 2pm there is NO ONE at the shops. It's fantastic. The weather is supposed to be crappy tomorrow, so I might start a new tradition and watch DVDs on the couch with a blanket. Sounds divine.

But for now, enjoy these links!

- Imagine if Eric Stoltz had played Marty McFly. Or if Tom Selleck was Indiana Jones. That's crazy talk! But that's almost what happened. Check out this list of ten famous movies roles that were recast at the last minute.

- I am an avid scarf wearer in Winter. But I mostly just hang them around my neck and leave it at that. This clip, though, will no doubt change the way you wear scarves. Watch this cute girl demonstrate 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes. It's really cool (found via The Mustard Jumper).

- What would it sound like if Don Draper pitched the new Facebook timeline? Well, have a listen! I hate the Facebook changes. But I have an inkling if Don Draper pitched it I would like it a tad more than my current levels of extreme indignance towards the THREE SEPARATE idiotic newsfeeds. It's the SAME INFORMATION. THREE TIMES. WHAT IS THE POINT? Don't even get me started on the "Top Stories" thing that seems to be compiled in a completely random way that has no relation to my actual close friends and family /end rant.

- Want to see an example of absolutely appalling customer service? Seriously, the person from GASP who responded to this complaint is obviously a twenty two year old fashion graduate with no corporate experience, or a manager with their head so far up their own ass they have no idea how shitty the clothes at GASP really are. Read the original complaint and the response from the company here. Just because your company has a shop on Chapel Street in Melbourne doesn't mean it's God's gift to the fashion industry, FYI.

- Finally, I have read pretty much all the Stephanie Plum books, with the exeption of the last three or four. To be honest, I think Janet Evanovich is basically just writing the exact same story over and over and over again, so I gave up. But, they've made a film adaptation of One For The Money starring Katherine Heigl. I was SO against the Heigl when I found out she was playing Stephanie, but upon seeing the preview, I actually don't hate it. I might even really want to see it.

Although does anyone else think Debbie Reynolds is completely wrong for Grandma Mazur? She's supposed to be a mix of Estelle Getty and Grandma Yetta from The Nanny. Oh well, you can't win them all, I guess.

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Mary-Jo said...

The movie roles stuff was great but I adore Stephanie Plum and can sort of see the Heigl there. Yes, it is always the same book, but Evanovich writes fluff so well! I agree about Grandma Mazur too, but I'll definitely be queueing for this one.

Hannah said...

I am *exactly* the same about Stephanie Plum. Haven't read the last few, very skeptical of Heigl. I'll have to watch the preview at home tonight :)

kitty said...

Great links! The GASP email is appalling - I got it from a friend today - good to see it is doing the rounds!

Dee said...

I have zero interest in football, or any sport for that matter. People seem to find that weird. It's like being unAustralian or something.

Natalie said...

That Morelli is just all wrong and Ranger is too pretty. I think Heigl will be OK.

GF weekend = best weekend of the year. Better than Christmas for sports fans :)

Natalie said...

And thanks for the shout out too!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Mary-Jo, yes, it is nice fluff - I'm looking forward to the film version. It looks like maybe they haven't strayed too far from the story.

Hannah, yeah, I had to take a break from the last few because I got a bit bored. I should borrow them from the library and catch up!

Kitty, the GASP email made it as far as the USA and UK - hopefully they reassess their "customer service" approach.

Dee, I don't mind the footy, but the two AFL teams playing today are my absolute least favourite so I really don't care.

Natalie, Ranger looks okay to me - I would have preferred someone less pretty too, but Morelli is all wrong. I wanted someone a lot more Italian looking.