Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Morning Melody - Seeker Lover Keeper

I heard this on Triple J about two months ago and loved the melody instantly. Then I discovered that Seeker Lover Keeper is made up of Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby - singers I had heard of, but whose music I wasn't super familiar with.

The clip itself is understated, but I think it's simplicity only emphasises the tune and the sweetly voiced lyrics. It's just lovely.

Tomorrow on Boredom Abounds By Julia: an Emmy fashion hits and misses post!
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Kiki Chaos said...

I've had this on high rotation for the past few weeks and didn't even think to look them up! Used to listen to Sarah Blasko to death. I felt sad when I saw the clip though :( It had the opposite effect on me.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Yeah, the clip could be interpretted any number of ways. Maybe because I was watching it while also watching TV so I was a tad distracted!