Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 Emmy Award Fashion Hits and Misses

Woo, the Emmy Awards! I always think of it as the start of award season, although it's kind of all on its own in September, and it feels like ages until the SAGs, Golden Globes and Oscars. Maybe it's because it means the year is on its way to coming to a close, so before you know it we'll be anticipating the February/March awards.

Anyway, let's get stuck into it.

It gets better than this, I promise. Mostly.

The Metallics Award

There's always a handful of them and this year they were mostly 'meh' for me.

Cat Deeley

I love Ms. Deeley, and this is nice on her. But it's just really....meh, you know? Also, the bustline is dangerously close to sliding down, which I'm sure can happen when you're about five thousand feet tall. Let's hike that thing up about five inches, shall we?

Elisabeth Moss

First of all, is anyone else bothered by the tan lines from her bathing suit? I get that it's Summer and she's been on hiatus from Mad Men, but someone really should have bronzed those white patches up. Also, her hair is awful. Why does she not have a good hairdresser? The dress itself I quite like - she's finally wearing something that flatters her because it actually FITS HER BODY SHAPE. This has been a long time coming for Moss.

Maria Bello

Like Cat Deeley, this is nice on her, but it's very meh overall. I think the silver sunburst circles are nice, but I really wish she had done something with her hair so that it didn't look like she'd just come from the beach.

Jane Krakowski

First up: LAY OFF THE BRONZER. People, there is such a thing as too much bronzer/fake tan. Cut it out. Anyway. The dress: the fabric looks really cheap. The silver colour is awesome, but I think it needed to be more of a sparkly chiffon look and less of a stripper spandex appearance.

The Undecided Award

Dianna Agron

I love this colour. I love the swishy train. I'm just not sold on the bunchy, high neckline. Or her rather severe-looking wavy hair. No matter how many times I look at this photo, I really can't make up my mind.

Claire Danes

I love the mix of blue and black sparkles. But it has a slightly eighties vibes to it, which I don't like. Also, I think Claire goes for straight bustline strapless gowns and no discernable hairstyle looks a little too much. This one falls in the undecided column for me.

The Basic Black Award

Evan Rachel Wood

Love this look. The cut and style is just so classic and chic, and the soft sparkle really lifts the dress from boring black to stunning.

The WTF? Award

Gwyneth Paltrow

A midriff? Why? Why? It's not 1994. If this bodice had been one complete piece of fabric, I suspect I would have loved it. But it's a definite WTF, hell no from me.

The Understated Award

Julia Stiles

This is gorgeous. The colour is a little bit bland, but the lace, pleats and gathers are so flattering, and it's a really lovely style on her. Thumbs up, Julia. Thumbs up.

The It Could Have Been A Lot Worse Award

Katie Holmes

So I guess she was there because of The Kennedys? Whatever. I was expecting something a LOT worse. I like the colour, and while the dress is a little bit too simple, I think she hasn't tried to do anything too adventurous, so I'm surprised and mildly pleased with her effort. Although her hair is basically what mine looks like on the weekend while I vaccuum, but we can't win them all.

The Unflattering Award

Jane Lynch

Arg. This is just so unflattering for a tall woman. Her torso looks cut in half and I really hope she changed into something else during the show. This is just really bland and not at all what I expected.

The You're Getting There Award

Christina Hendricks

So of course she's going to show the girls off a little bit. But thank goodness they're not up around her chin again. I don't think silver is the best colour on her, but I quite like the dress itself. Although I would have preferred it without the split at the front - it looks a bit like it's going to actually split apart. I much prefer the second picture where I can pretend the front is all joined up nicely.

The Limelight Stealing Award

Annie Ilonzeh

Charlie's Angels - It's either going to get canceled immediately or enjoy some moderate success for about thirteen episodes. Anyway, I know who Rachel Taylor is and who Minka Kelly is, but Annie Ilonzeh I hadn't heard of, and apparently not many other people have either because I could not find a photo of her posing on her own on the red carpet. Her dress looks absolutely stunning. The colour, the bodice, everything about it looks perfect, but her two co-stars are totally lapping up the attention while annoyingly shielding her from view. Get out of the way!

The Ruffles Award

Heather Morris

Okay, the skirt looks pretty cool. But the bodice is so sharp compared to the soft skirt. Also, why is her hair three feet tall? This is a bit of a bizarre look and I'm disappointed.

Emily Blunt

I suspect this is what Ms. Morris was going for. Blunt almost totally nailed it. Morris....did not.

The Surprisingly Nice Award

Julie Bowen

This is cute. Kind of retro and sparkly, and I love the dark eye make up and straight ponytail. Also her implants look like they're incognito, which after watching the Hawaii episode of Modern Family is totally surprising (seriously - those puppies were like two jelly moulds sitting about four kilometres apart on her chest in that episode). I quite like this.

The Pink Award

Jayma Mays

Why does she not get red carpet fashion? This is nice, if you lived in a doll's house and drank tea all day while sitting on teeny, tiny furniture. In real life it just looks like a tulle cupcake.

Rashida Jones

Like Heather Morris of the ill-fated ruffles above, I suspect Rashida's look is sort of what Jayma was going for. Rashida looks feminine and pretty and the pink is lovely on her. Much better than Jayma's frou frou nightmare. I love that Rashida teamed it with a punchy plum lipstick.

The NO Award

Heidi Klum

Just....Seriously. What the hell is this? It's like she killed a thousand poodles to make the hem of her skirt. And she's another one with too much bronzer.

Melissa McCarthy

Even though she won (although I suspect most of that was due to Bridesmaids based on what I've seen of Mike & Molly), this is really unflattering. Amber Riley's stylist could really give her a few pointers on dressing for her shape.

The Beautiful Award

Amber Riley

See what I mean? Girlfriend knows how to dress. The colour is lovely and the jewelled neckline/shoulders brings a bit of bling. Love it, but I'm not suprised - she manages to bring it to the red carpet every single time.

The Hot Mess Award

Julianna Margulies

What is this? No, really. WHAT IS THIS? Why is her bodice made of spray painted cardboard? Why has her designer hung plastic jewels on there? Why is the skirt so stiff and boring? Why is her hair so terrible? Why to ALL OF IT. I don't understand.

The Red Award

Lea Michele

This is all right. I feel like the top of it is about two sizes too big, and her hair is so unbelievably drab, but the colour is nice, I guess.

Kate Winslet

She has major helmet hair at the back and the dress itself is nothing special. I mean, it's fine. It's really just...fine.

Nina Dobrev

Okay, she kind of looks like she had to be sewn into her gown, but the sharp neckline angles and the amazing layered mermaid skirt look stunning on her, and the necklace is a nice simple touch.

Sofia Vergara

Apparently this is more orange than red, but to be honest out of all the red ladies, she totally nailed it. Clingy with pleats is kind of her style, but the one shoulder adds a nice touch and she looks gorgeous.

The Dark Horse Award

Kristen Wiig

At first this reminded me a little bit too much of the brown velour couch we had in our house growing up, but the more I look at it, the more I like the two tone shades of brown coming through. I think (like a few other gowns) it's a wee bit low cut and that takes away from the dress somewhat, but honestly, I did not expect to like Wiig's dress as much as this. She's always been a bit bland on the red carpet to me, so this is a nice surprise.

The Perfect Award

Marth Plimpton

This is one of the most beautiful dresses of the night. Honestly, there's nothing I can fault - the colour is lovely, the sparkle is lovely, the cut is lovely. It's just a perfect gown.

The Colour Award

Cobie Smulders

I LOVE this colour. LOVE IT. It looks fabulous on her and the dress itself is soft and feminine without being too slouchy up top. Simple, understated jewellery and this is my favourite of the night (with Plimpton running a very close second).

So, your thoughts? Let me know who your hits and misses were in the comments!

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Moira said...

Martha Plimpton was my favorite! I also really liked Lea Michelle and Sofia Vergara, they both looked stunning.

Katie Holmes was horrible!

My honorable mentions go to Elizabeth Moss, Kaley Cuoco and Sarah Hyland.

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Mofo, I wish Kaley Cuoco would wear something other than black on the red carpet, I feel that's all she wears.

Yeah, Sarah Hylan looked lovely (much better than her younger costar that's for sure!)

Hannah said...

I think I really like Claire Danes' outfit. Actually, I think I just like Claire Danes, because of Rome and Juliet. Except I don't like that she stole my fiancee Hugh Dancy from under my nose.

Also, Gwyneth Paltrow just reminded me of how much I don't like her. I'm not a fan of Heather Morris' dress, and Heidi Klum, whhhaaaa? Amber Riley looks stunning though!

Mary-Jo said...

Nice wrap-up, Julia! You make fashion a bit more interesting. It's always been my pet hate, the way they leave their hair so casual. If you're going to all that trouble, please do your hair too!
Also you should mention that the Christina Hendricks dress is by an Australian designer, who seems like a very clever woman sending it to her out of the blue!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Hannah, yeah, I have started to come around to Claire Danes' dress. At first I really didn't like it, but my opinion has turned to the 'like' side of the fence!

Mary-Jo, oh, thank you for that tidbit, I didn't know it was an Aussie designer! I still think it shouldn't have the split in the front - legs or boobs, not both is my rule!

Leah said...

"Charlie's Angels - It's either going to get canceled immediately or enjoy some moderate success for about thirteen episodes."

LOL seriously this is exactly what I thought when I saw these girls!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Leah, I feel like Charlie's Angels has just been done to death. I really don't think it will last more than a season, if that!

But that burgundy dress was beautiful.

KateMC said...

nice wrap up Julia!
Agree about the hair. Really ladies - lift your game!
Katie Holmes?? really terrible hair and possibly too plain a dress and it's time for her to lose the lop-sided smile already!!
I think Christina Hendricks is too pale to wear silver personally - better on darker skin.
Always thought Julie Bowen (whom I love in MF) is too skinny and the new puppies accentuate her skinniness. Love her dress though!
I'm a sucker for a red dress - Kate and Sofia looked fabulous with their toned curves. Love Martha Plimpton's (who) dress too and don't mind Lea M's either.
Bring on award season proper!!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Kate, the hair bugged me so much. I feel like a lot of women just didn't go to any effort, which was disappointing!

Agree with you about everything else as well, although I wish Kate Winslet had gone with a much softer hairdo. It was quite severe I think.