Sunday, October 2, 2011

Glee Highlights - Season Three, Episode Two: I Am Unicorn

Despite a few minor issues with the whole adoption/Quinn/Puck/Shelby storyline, I actually thought this episode was a return to form for the writers. So, let's get stuck into the highlights!

Rachel Berry, Director
I loved Rachel's assumption that Mr. Schue would ask her to direct the school play. But what I loved even more was how after she gave her graciously humble speech, Brittany snuck in an "I hate you" comment before someone else started talking. Hilarious.

Shelby and Quinn
This really isn't going to end well. But I applaud them for finally addressing the whole Quinn and Puck had a baby and then no one ever mentioned it again. But my major issue is that (and correct me if I'm wrong), but it's not really up to the adoptive mother to dictate to the birth parents that they must be a part of the child's life. It's actually up to the birth parents. I mean, in this instance Quinn and Puck both want to see the child, but swanning back into town and demanding Quinn clean up her act so Shelby can let her see the baby? Yeah....not really an accurate portrayal of the adoption process, I think.

Shelby and Rachel's Duet of Somewhere
Loved it. That is all.

Mr. Schue Grows a Pair
Wow, the writers remembered that Mr. Schue is an authority figure, not just a guy who wears dorky checkered shirts and hangs around in a choir room with seventeen year olds. It's about time he sacked up, and I love that he did it to Quinn. She really needed to learn the lay of the land. I agreed with everything he said. Side note: did anyone else love how after Quinn stormed out, Becky exclaimed "Wow, that was REALLY sexy!"? It was so cute.

Puck Meets Beth
I love his eagerness to meet his daughter. And I suspect there were many exploding ovaries around the world when he saw Beth for the first time since the birth.

Kurt's Audition
This was a great song, and the choreography with the scaffolding was well done. But it was the wrong song for Kurt to use to audition for West Side Story. I think the directors of the play had a valid point - with that song, he doesn't seem right for the role. 

Coach Bieste, Ms. Pilsbury and Artie
Speaking of the directors, this scene cracked me up. The gum on Beiste's shoe, Emma's discomfort with it, Bieste's reference to her ladyparts (ew, but funny). I hope we get a few more scenes with these three over the coming weeks.

Sugar Motta
I wonder how long they're going to drag this out. What is the point? Sugar grates on me and that whole "Sorry, Aspergers!" excuse is such BS and I really want someone to call her on it ASAP.

Burt Hummel
"You sing like Diana Ross and you dress like you own a magic chocolate factory." Hee. I love how we can always rely on Burt to tell it like it is.

Kurt and Brittany
I liked Brittany's enthusiasm for Kurt's campaign, but I don't know how I felt about this storyline as a whole. I feel a bit like it was only there to serve the 'Kurt's lack of masculinity' storyline. Although, if Brittany is also running for class president or student council or whatever, I really, really hope we get to hear her election speech. I bet it's a corker.

Blaine's Audition
Wow, that dude can sing. And I love that they finished the episode with Kurt seeing how awesome Blaine is and hearing the directors ask him to read for the main part. An actual, genuine problem between two major characters that could lead to some interesting developments. Let's hope the writers treat this with a bit of intelligence.

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Angela said...

Exploding ovaries...great term!! I loved Becky's little aside about how sexy Mr Shue was!! Can't wait for next week's write up...Mercedes telling Rachel HOW IT IS!!