Monday, March 28, 2011

Glee Highlights: Season 2, Episode 16 - Original Song

No Glee tonight. Instead, OOOOOOOOOPpppppraaahhhhhhh is interviewing the cast of Glee, so I've been a tad slack posting this. Anyway, let's get stuck into the highlights, shall we?

Pavarotti in Burberry
I hate it when a bird is better dressed than me. Bastard.

I just have to mention this
I have THAT EXACT radio, but in black and white. It's so awesome. I love vintage radios.

Only Child
Rachel's second attempt at an original song. Not as bad as My Headband, but still pretty.....ugh. Her earnestness (is that a word?) is so cringeworthy - I mean The only berry only my family tree ? Ugh.

Remember how the first time Kurt sang a Beatles' number I didn't like it? Not the case here. I thought the Glee version of Blackbird was really, really good. Probably because they didn't fuck around with the arrangment of it the way they did with I Wanna Hold Your Hand (well, I guess technically they just slowed it down a lot, but you know what I mean). Bonus points to Kurt for a kick ass mourning outfit. You just know he's been saving that up for an occasion such as this.

Evil Quinn
She's baaaaa-aaaaccckkkk.

Blaine's Announcement
I love that he decided he didn't want to do the solo so that other people could have some of the he's doing a duet instead! How kind of him!

Trouty Mouth
After seeing this number, I have decided that the Glee writers need to get Santana to sing a sexy jazz number ASAP. The lyrics were hilariously bad: Is that how people's lips look where you come from in the South / Grouper Mouth, Froggy Lips / I love suckin' on those salamander lips. My husband did have trouble understanding what she was saying, but luckily I was able to translate. I love how offended Sam was though.

Quinn's hair
Why does the hairdresser hate Dianna Agron so much? Her hair has been looking distinctly helmet-like lately and I do not like it.

Kurt and Blaine
They kissed! Woo! I didn't think they would actually show it. And it was a lot more hot and heavy than I expected it to be. By the way, did you see this?

Hell To The No
Mercedes is so awesome. Her original song was by far the best of the three. Once again, I ask: WHY DOESN'T SHE GET MORE SOLOS? By the way, did you notice that when Mr. Schue asked the kids what their favourite song was, Brittany said Trouty Mouth? So funny.

Rachel Cries
My husband noted that her crying face is the same as her power ballad face. Very astute.

Aural Intensity
A lame performance - they were totally pandering to the judges. The Star of David was a nice touch though.

I'm not familiar with Hey Monday, but I really liked Kurt and Blaine's duet. And the Pink number? Very crackalicious. I'm not a Pink fan, really, but this show does weird things to my taste in music. It's made me like Katy Perry way more than I should, and now Pink. Who are they going to coerce me into liking next? Taylor Swift?

Also I loved how genuinely happy the New Directions were for Kurt's big solo. Very sweet.

Get It Right
I LOVE that she brought her own pink studded diamante microphone. I wish I had a custom microphone that I could bring with me everywhere for solo performances. I think mine would be gold though. As for the song? I thought it was really decent. Not the greatest song ever, but considering it was written specifically for this episode I think they did a great job.

Loser Like Me
Yeeeaaah.....This number was kind of cheesy. The lyrics were a little obvious, but I did like the slushy fake out at the end. My one major nitpick though is with the girls' costumes:

Why, WHY are they wearing combat boots with their dresses? I get that they're trying to be different and show their individuality, but combat boots with dresses weren't a good look in the 90s and they're not a good look now (despite the style coming screaming back into fashion at the moment).

Sue Gets Physical

Rachel's Kudos
Aw, as much as they dislike Rachel Berry, they acknowledged that she saved their asses with her song. And she accepted her award with grace. Although I'd love to hear her internal dialogue. 

I imagine it would go something like "SUCK IT."

No highlights for a couple of weeks while the show is on a break. But I hear a volume 5 soundtrack has been released. Yay!

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Genevieve Santos said...

I don't remember Trouty Mouth??? It must've been when I popped to the kitchen…

I just realised after your helmet hair comment about Dianna Agron that my pilates instructor looks like her! Spitting image.

Julia R said...

Genevieve, it was fairly early on in the episode. Silly lyrics, but Santana has such a fantastic voice - very sultry!

Anonymous said...

Britany said that her favourite song was MY HEADBAND not TROUTY MOUTH!-I'm Just Sayin...