Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Friday Links

Work has been a bit crazy for me, but I've still found a few things to distract me during my lunch breaks this week!

- I'm assuming most of you have heard of 13 year old Rebecca Black and her stunningly mediocre pop song Friday, right? If not, please go and listen to it post haste and marvel at the abysmal lyrics (Kickin' in the front seat/Sittin' in the back seat/Gotta make my mind up/Which seat will I take). Ladies and gentlemen, that song is an example of how you can buy a pop song for your child to record from Ark Music Factor. No, seriously. Although the joke's on us - the clip has been viewed MILLIONS of times online and she's made a nice amount of cash from it. And it's been trending on Twitter for over a week. WTF, my friends, WTF.

- Obviously there is an unbelievable amount of horrifying stories coming out of Japan at the moment as they try to recover from the earhtquake, tsunami and subsequent radiation leaks, but one story has been making the rounds of the internet for a different reason. Hideaki Akaiwa has been voted badass of the week because after the quake hit, he got hold of some scuba gear, SWAM THROUGH HIS SUBMERGED CITY and saved his wife's life. That, people, is true love.

- I was at a social media seminar for work about a month ago and we were shown this Pink Ponies Case Study. Watch as a father adopts marketing and sales strategies to create the perfect 8th birthday party for his daughter. Really, really clever (and sweet!)

- So, Blaine and Kurt totally kissed on Glee this week. Were you as excited as these people?

- And finally, the world lost a grand Dame yesterday. Elizabeth Taylor passed away at the age of 79. Here is a tribute to her and some clips of her most famous roles. Now, I am not making light of her death in any way, but is it wrong to hope that a museum puts all her jewelry on display in some sort of traveling exhibition? Pin It

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