Monday, March 21, 2011

Glee Highlights - Season 2, Episode 15: Sexy

Also known as The Second Gwyneth Paltrow Episode.

This wasn't the greatest episode, in my opinion, but there were still some really good moments, so let's get stuck into the highlights!

Emma the Prude
I love her barely restrained disgust at Holly's open attitude to sex ed. You can tell she's just itching to rub anti-bacterial gel all over Holly and the chair she's sitting on.

Santana's feelings
It's so great that the writers have developed Brittany and Santana's 'sweet lady kisses' into something more serious. Great work from Naya Rivera in all her scenes. It was nice to see Santana with a little more emotional depth than just sexy and/or bitchy.

Work It
There are so many awesome things in this shot. The leotard. The belt. The headband. The shiny leggings, the side pony tail. Best of all? Will's confusion about Holly's advice and Holly's response to his "I don't understand" in the form of "It's Jazzercise Will, it's not that hard." Gold.

Sue Sylvester's Coffee Run
She's so hardcore she crumples the sugar wrappers into her coffee to drink. I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley. She might choke me with a plastic stirrer.

Warblers Warehouse Number
This scene felt so incredibly set up to me. It was a fun number, but the emtpy warehouse (someone in the Warblers obviously knows a rave party planner. Or a serial killer. Or both) and the bubbles? It was just so....choreographed.

Kurt's Sexy Faces
I noticed a long time ago that Chris Colfer doesn't have the greatest performace face for non-ballady songs. Obviously he exaggerated it for the purposes of this episode, but Blaine was right: dude looks like he's either about to fart, mortified that he DID fart, or desperate for a number 2. It was very amusing. And cringeworthy. But mostly amusing.

Burt and Kurt Talk About Sex
Kudos to Burt and the Glee writers for this. A nice acknowledgment for all the single dads out there who do have to do all the awkward puberty related discussions on their own.

Loved this number. The Tango, the candles, the falsetto. Loved, loved, LOVED IT!

I love this song. While I thought Gwyneth did a good job, I don't understand why a song Santana wanted to sing for Brittany wasn't sung primarily by...Santana. It was a really obvious move to get Gwyneth to sing ANOTHER song in the episode and I think that was a bad idea.

Sam and Artie's reaction
Artie's reaction to Sam's desire for he and Artie to be "friends like Santana and Brittany" cracked my shit up. Sam is just so unbelievably clueless.

Afternoon Delight
There are so many things wrong with this number. The first being the outfits. It's like a cruise ship costume department in the seventies. And I loved Emma' frantic insistence that Afternoon Delight is actually a dessert and her listing the ingredients. I can't believe Uncle Jesse's head hasn't exploded from the absurdity of it all.

Regionals tonight! My husband* and I are so excited!

*except that he's really not. Pin It


Ange said...

Hahaha! I can just imagine 'your husband' being excited about Glee! Good write forgot to say something about Sue Sylvester saying, 'You've just made your worst enema'...that was my favourite line!

Julia R said...

Oh, I forgot about that - I didn't have time to do a re-watch!

Yes, my 'husband' is secretly awaiting the end of the season I think, so we can switch back over to Top Gear. Even though he's seen them all one billion times.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Haha is that Gwynnie in the leotard and side ponytail? :o

Julia R said...

Lorraine, it sure is! As much as I find her somewhat annoying, she did look awesome.

Heidi - Apples Under My Bed said...

I was surprised at all the sex jokes - "sex is like kissing, but wetter"! Hilarious and a little gross. Loved Gwyneth's costume during Jazzercise. Oh & major lols at this part of your run-down about Sue: "She's so hardcore she crumples the sugar wrappers into her coffee to drink" :) Rachel was so funny during Afternoon Delight - really getting into it. I love Glee.
Heidi xo

Julia R said...

Heidi - she did actually crumple her sugar wrappers into her coffee though - did you see it? It was a split second shot, but she definitely did it. Totally hardcore!

Hannah said...

This episode had some majorly laugh-out-loud and fantastic moments for me and, at the same time, some complete blah moments (just in my opinion, though!). Loved some of Gwyneth's - no, the SCRIPT WRITER'S - lines, and Santana being allowed to have more depth. I agree that she should've had a bigger role in that song. Personally, I found the Tango number really meh, but that's probably because I've been finding WIll so lame lately!

I absolutely couldn't stop laughing at the imagery of froth coming out of that tube and then the bouncing balls during the Warbler's song, though!

Julia R said...

Hannah, I know - there were some very blah moments. The bubbles and the beach balls just tipped me over the edge. It was just SO set-up!