Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun Friday Links

Fun Friday Links is a new weekly feature here at Boredom Abounds By Julia. Basically, I'm going to start sharing all the interesting, fun, time wasting links I've discovered during the week to keep you entertained and allieviate the boredom during your Friday.


- Love taking a peek inside other people's glamorous lives? Check out Habitually Chic, run by New York interior designer Heather Clawson. She features the chic homes and workspaces of people she's come across in her work and social life, as well in books and reference material she's bought. My favourite so far is her feature on the home of Lord and Lady St. Germans (hint: it's a freaking palace!)

- Love a movie quiz? Try your luck with the Famous Objects From Classic Movies quiz. They show you a single object and you have to name the movie it's from. I failed horribly at this, mostly at the really, really, ridiculously OBVIOUS ones. Maybe you won't?

- Dudes. Fug Madness has started! Head over to Go Fug Yourself and START VOTING. Already featured are Madonna's ass cheeks and Cher's....Cher-ness.

- Do you dream about becoming a YouTube viral sensation? Have a look at this short clip to see how this baby did it. 

- Lady Gaga has a new song and it's totally addictive in a 90s music kind of way, once you get past the first two and half minutes of her "Manifesto." Potentially not safe for work.

- St Patrick's Day FLASH MOB!

If you've found a fun link you want me to feature just let me know! Pin It


Jenny (VintageSugarcube) said...

Love this idea of links on a Friday! That's when I need some good humor. I'll try to think of a good one and send your way. XOXO

Julia R said...

Thanks Jenny! It's definitely a good time waster on a Friday morning!