Monday, March 7, 2011

Glee Highlights - Bumper Edition!

Oh my gosh, I am so behind with my Glee updates. Well, only two episodes, but with the Oscars and my giveaway and my DVD review of Ramona and Beezus, suddenly here we are thirty minutes away from a new episode and I'm feeling kind of frazzled.

So, instead of one episode* highlight, in this entry you get two! Bonus bumper edition!

Too many exclamation points. I'll stop that now, I promise.

Here we go......

*I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have mistyped the word 'episode.' I am so tired.
Episode 12 - Silly Love Songs

Kurt's scarf
His scarf is trying to eat his head. And yet he is rocking it.

Puck's solo
Producers, Mark Salling is a better singer than Finn and Sam, and about on par with Artie and yet he is woefully underused as a soloist. Yes, Lauren found his song offensive, but you know what? He rocked the performance and I loved it for that reason alone.

Santana's Rude Awakening
Oh, Santana. You're a heinous bitch and I love you for it, but the truth hurts, doesn't it? I love how genuinely shocked and upset she was when the tables were turned on her.

The Gap
Product placement much? Anyway, the performance was cute and high-energy, and the crush's hair was so teen heartthrob circa 1993, but I liked that it didn't end perfectly for Blaine. It was nice to see the chink in that perfect armour.

Of course these three would get together and discuss how awesome they are. So adorable. And I need a pair of Rachel's heart pjs ASAP.

Pretty Young Thing
I found this number so groovy. So music video-esque with it's hallway dance and girls eyeballing them off. Very funky.

Finn & Quinn
Oh my goodness. This storyline is just so....dull. Like, I want to lie down and go to sleep every time they try and throw Finn and Quinn back together. I just don't buy it, no matter how many times they're going to try it. Move on, writers!

Santana vs. Lauren
Oh, Santana. Really? You really think you could fight Lauren? Silly, silly girl. The expression on Lauren's face is priceless.

Damn you, Glee, for making me like Katy Perry songs more than I should. DAMN YOU! Although I was slightly distracted during this number by the size of Lea Michele's mouth. Seriously, who can really open their mouth that wide? You could practically fit Puck's entire head in there.

Episode 13 - Comeback

First of all.....

Beiber Fever
I appreciate Sam's initiative to start his own tribute band, but no matter what, Glee will never make me enjoy Justin Beiber's music.

Boy Band Fever!
Oh my god, is it 1996? Am I watching an N*Sync video? Whatever it is, I don't care. I loved the choreography. Genius.

Tear Jerker
I have never seen a more real moment in a TV show. Kudos to Jane Lynch for delivering that one line so perfectly.

Lauren's Solo
Look, I get what they were doing, bu I really just didn't like this number. It's a bad song, and anything with that flat monotoned voice just irks me.

They're CAROUSEL sweaters, DUH. So, how long until we start seeing these on the shelves? I'm not going to lie, I would maybe, probably consider possibly purchasing one.

Mercedes and Rachel duet
Finally. Why don't these two duet more often? Because it's SO AWESOME IT MIGHT BREAK OUR TVs?? Come on, producers. I need more solos from these two divas, stat.

I loved this. Also, I need Rachel's fitted flannel shirt, like, yesterday.
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Genevieve said...

I missed Silly Love Songs but saw the Bieber Ep.

Funny thing is, I've always thought he looked like Bieber when I first saw him!

And I've started Glee from the very beginning to catch up so I'm sort of watching 2 season simultaneously HA HA tad obsessed…but I love your Glee posts the most

Julia R said...

Thanks Genevieve! I loved the guys styling their hair into a brushed forward Beiber -do. Their committment to the part was outstanding!

Heidi - Apples Under My Bed said...

haha loved this post. These are the first two episodes of glee I have seen - late to the party?? Anyway I loved Sing - I may have cried. Not sure why, when I dont even know the characters. It was just so moving. I blame 'that time of the month' :)
& I agree - LOVED the duet between the 2 divas! oh, & puck is ridiculous. SO cute.
Heidi xo

Julia R said...

Heidi, Rachel and Mercedes are sooooo underused as a duet pair. Two of the most powerful singers on the show and they do maybe one duet per season.

Sing was awesome - I love when they finish the episode with those big shouty fun numbers!

Anonymous said...

no puede ser posible que digas eso de quinn y finn ese fue el mejor episodio de glee me imagino que te debe gustar finnchel y por eso dices eso mucha gente tambien le gusta fuinn the first love:)love fuinn with the life.