Sunday, March 13, 2011

Glee Highlights: Season 2, Episode 14 - Blame It On The Alcohol

I'm going to say it. This has been my absolute favourite episode of Glee by far, from both seasons one and two. It was just perfect. Snappy, quick, silly, horrifying - just everything about being a teenager was portrayed perfectly in this episode.

So, let's get going with the highlights. There are a LOT, so I've hid them behind the cut. But here's one before the jump. You know who I'm starting with, don't you? Come on, it's my favourite character!

His reference to "Ke-dollar sign-HA" was perfect.

Rachel's Song - My Headband
Oh my God. So bad. So teenager-y, so over-earnest, so incredibly, incredibly bad. Even the lyrics were horrific: There you rest/with all the rest/of my accessories/on my nightstaaaaaand.

Finn's reaction was hilarious:
Total deer in the headlights.

The Rachel Berry House Party Extravaganza Planning
Teen hallway party planning at it's best. And that's totally what I'm calling my imaginary Summer music festival. BYO Little House On The Prairie party dress....

Rachel as Hostess
So dorky. The dress (see what I mean? Little House on the Prairie!), the drink tickets, the friendly, overly simplistic instructions explained to everyone like they're four years old. So cute and dorky.  Her shaky "Cheers!" to get the party started. So adorable.

It Tastes Like Pink
 IT TASTES LIKE PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drunk Blaine
He dances like a coked out guinea pig. Insane. And hilarious. He's the guy at the party who you avoid because he comes up to you every five minutes and screams in your ear (when the music ISN'T playing) "This party is AWESOME! I'm gonna get a DRINK!!!" and then runs off to screech at someone else.

Sam and Santana
Classic WTF face at her hysterical weeping. It was a split second shot, but he nailed it.

Blaine and Rachel's duet
I've never been a huge fan of 80s music, and this Human League song isn't one I love, but I thought the duet was just great. Fun and cheerful and singing just for the sake of singing. Oh, and I think I need my own Oscars Basement room with a stage and pink diamante studded microphones for award show parties, impromtu shows for the neighbours and just for when I generally need to rock out and I don't want my husband to bust me singing Meatloaf in the kitchen while I cook dinner. Hey, it's a GOOD SONG.

Did you notice how Sam kind of looks like the Unabomber with aviator glasses?
Sorry, bad photo. but can you kind of see it?

While Puck looks like.....
.....well, you're welcome.

Blame It On The Alcohol
I loved this number. I know the song is from 2009, but I thought the Glee club's version was really groovy and a bit retro. It really evoked images of 90s music videos for me. I really liked it. Also I really need Brittany's black sequin bolero jacket ASAP.

Drunk Will
Giving everyone A+ while toasted was so funny. The phone call? "Heeeeeey schexy....." Oh my gosh. It was just perfect.

Burt and Kurt in the Kitchen
Dear Kurt: Your father's attempts to discipline you are not thinly veiled homophobic prejudiced attacks on your character. Stop acting like he's against you because you're gay. That's not what the talk was about, so stop acting snotty and hard done by. Great scene though.

Woo, featuring twice in one entry! Because not only did he call Ke$ha "Ke-dollar sign-HA" twice in one episode, he introduced her song as "Tik and also Tok." Oh, Figgins. Never change.

Bieste and Figgins
Beiste knows the words, Figgins is getting down dancing during the performance? The teachers at McKinley know how to party.

Tik Tok
Brittany was made to do a Ke$ha number. I mean, she's been a cultural icon for WEEKS. It was a fun number. But....

Blue Vomit!
I was waiting for this to happen as soon as they walked on stage. And it made me think of Stand By Me. You know the scene I'm talking about.

The Atomic Teen Vomit Fetishist
That is so going to be the name of my emo surf punk band. Sue's little speech withe Becky's xylophone intro was a cute throwback to the opening scenes of Grease. Very clever. oh, and hearing Will's voicemail message in full? I was dying for him, but totally enthralled - "Let's get crashzy, let's JUST GET CRAZSHY!!!" It's every drunk dialler's worst nightmare realised.

Okaaaay Achievement!
No one got suspended and Figgins (fourth feature in this entry - someone's on a roll!) made a motivational hand gesture! Win Win!

In conclusion, a truly awesome episode.

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Genevieve said...

"Ke-dollar-sign-Ha" Classic! I didn't hear that, will need to re-watch just to hear that from Figgins….

hahaha ahhhhh...

Julia R said...

Genevieve, he actually says it twice, once at the start and once when he's introducing the Glee club at the assembly. His lines are so subtle, but so, so hilarious!

mofo said...

Rachel Berry's dress was amazing.

Julia R said...

mofo, I know! Her naivete is just hilarious.