Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glee Highlights - Season 2, Episode 3: Grilled Cheesus

So, so behind on this. Busy weekend, been sick with a cold, blah, blah. And of course because of the Commonwealth Games being televised on Channel 10 THEY SUSPENDED GLEE for a couple of weeks, so we are now two or so weeks behind the States.

Anyway, I thought episode three was good, as far as Very Special Episodes go. The title alone makes me giggle. It was well-paced, the storyline was focused and coherent and I liked that the episode didn't end in Kurt suddenly finding Jesus and becoming a born-again Christian, because life just doesn't work like that (most of the time).

So, my here are my highlights:

Puck's solo. Why isn't this dude getting more solos? Come on, producers, he's charismatic, talented and a funny dude. He needs more screen time, and the fact that he played a Billy Joel song was icing on the cake. Although he looks a little bit constipated here, but you get my drift.
But producers? Please, PLEASE stop auto-tuning his voice into a tinny, high pitched sound. He's actually an okay singer, so the post-production effects need to stop.

Sue Sylvester's anti-religion speech. It was succinct and well-executed, and it felt like a very real, simple explanation for why someone might not believe in God. And it was done with reason, a strong argument and no dramatics and/or screaming.
As usual, Jane Lynch completely sold what she was saying. I'm still so glad she won the Emmy.

Kurt's father and son flashbacks. Number one, they matched up the kid that played the young Kurt so unbelievably well. Number two, how adorable was Burt Hummel particpating in the tea party with Kurt? It's obvious he doesn't understand why his young son is so into playing afternoon tea, but his heart is in the right place and it shows. Mike O'Malley does such a fantastic job as Burt.
I particularly loved the way young Kurt was trying to show Burt how to hold up his pinky. There was such concentration on Burt's face.

Kurt's church fedora.
Damn, that dude can rock a hat. He totally gave those church ladies a run for their money.

The actual grilled cheesus. Kind of amusing watch Finn pray to it, but.....
....if the episode was spread over the course of about three or four days, and he ate the remaining half of it at the end, how is it possible that he did not end up with explosive food poisoning?

Must be the processed cheese. Pin It

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