Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Heeeeeyyyyy PESTO!

Oh, hey, I started this post with a pun. That's not dorky at all......

So, obviously I made pesto. I bought a food processor a couple of weeks ago and thought pesto would be a simple thing to start with in my new appliance.

 It's a Kambrook, and I bought it for no other reason than it was under $100 in the recent Harris Scarfe sale. Man, that place has good sales. Sometimes I walk in there and I just want to buy stuff, just...whatever, simply because it's on sale.

Anyway, I went on to to check out some pesto recipes and used this one as my basis, but I did add/change a few things.

1 1/2 cups of fresh basil
1/4 cup of pine nuts
2 fresh garlic cloves
1/2 cup olive oil
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
A small handful of rocket
A small handful of cashew nuts

Total prep and cooking time: about 20 minutes.

First I preheated the oven to about 130 degrees celsisus. Then I got my pine nuts and spread them over an oven pan.
Once the oven heated up, I popped the tray in and toasted them for about five minutes. Pine nuts can burn SO FAST, so it's important to keep a very close eye on them. I took them out when they were nice and brown and let them cool on the stove top for a few minutes.

Then I put the basil, parmesan, cashews, rocket and pine nuts into the food processor.
Note the lovely blue and white genuine Cornishware canisters - a gift from mum a few Christmases ago. I love the crisp blue and white pattern.Makes me feel like I'm living in the countryside where it's always sunny perfect, and I feed my imaginary family with lots of terribly fattening fresh butter and full cream milk that I serve in my Cornishwear dishes in a country farm-style kitchen while a dog sits in the corner wagging its tail.

Er, moving on.Then I put the lid on the processor and pulsed it quickly a few times.
So that it starts to look like the above picture. I had to take the lid off a few times to scrape the sides with a spatula to make sure everything was being pulped, but the pulsing took less than a minute.

Then I poured in the olive oil and pulsed it a few more times.
And again, I had to take the lid off and scrape the sides a couple of times to make sure the olive oil was distributing through the mix properly.

But then it was finished!

Et Voila!
You could pulp the ingredients so that the pesto is quite liquidy (like mine is above) and use it in pasta, or, at the stage when I added the olive oil you could just stir it through without pulping it and end up with a nice pesto dip.
I would also use less garlic (a sentence I never thought I would say!), because I used two HUGE cloves and it was a really over powering flavour. Probably one of my large cloves would have been enough.

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