Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Adventures in Cupcake Decorating

After doing my cupcake decorating class about six weeks ago, I've been slowly creating a cupcake decorating kit with all the basic bits and pieces needed to start cupcake decorating. I bought a bunch of cool stuff, and today I made my first batch of cupcakes for a baby shower. 

I found the design by just searching google images for something simple, since the mother to be doesn't know the gender of the baby, and I had a lot of fun creating these!

It was also my first attempt at colouring fondant myself, which wasn't as difficult or messy as I thought it would be. I bought white fondant, and I used Wilton and Americolour dyes in yellow, pink, and blue to create the three colours. The lady at the shop told me to just dab some on the end of a toothpick, dab it onto the fondant and knead it, and I did. The less colour you use, the lighter the shade, so I used a very small amount of each, then added a bit more and got these lovely pastel colours.

The only downside is that the cupcakes themselves baked in a really strange shape, so I had to do a lot of shearing off the tops with a serrated knife. If anyone can offer tips on how to get that perfectly round cupcake shape, please let me know in the comments!

So, while they don't look as professional as I would have liked, I think they're okay for my first attempt! Pin It


Keren said...

They're absolutely brilliant for an early attempt, well done!

Kiki Chaos said...

I love the button motif for both genders. What a brilliant idea :) Makes a nice change from the usual booties or whatnot.

Re the shape of the cupcakes, are you using a fan forced oven? The force of the air coming out of the vent at the back can often be the cause of misshapen cakes, so if you have a baffle to put over the fan, that can help.

Otherwise, google?

Unknown said...

Well done! They look pretty professional to me! The buttons are very sweet. Can't wait to see more from you! xxx

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Thanks all!

Kiki, yes I have a fan forced oven. I also realised I didn't pay attention for the temp and cooking time instructions for a fan forced oven on the package. It said to cook them at a higher temperature for a shorter time, so I'll try that next time. Thanks for the tips!