Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crafty Lady - Bricks & Mortar Patchwork Quilt

I am so happy! I started making this quilt a year ago, a few weeks before I gave birth to my daughter. Once I had her in April, I didn't pull it out of the cupboard again until about November last year. I used this pattern, which was quite easy to do since it was just small and large rectangles.

It's to go on our bed, although I think it might be slightly too narrow. I think the pattern should have added an extra row on the edge, since we have a queen size bed and this probably would suit a double bed more.

Anyway, because it's for our bedroom, I didn't want to make it too floral or overly feminine, so I chose a few fabrics that were bluey gray and went from there.

My favourite fabric is that purple looking one with the white print on it. I did put a few florals in, as you can see, but I also mixed it with more plain or simple geometric patterned ones to even it out.

I wanted to find a nice white and blue doona cover to go with it for Winter, and I found THE perfect one at Bed, Bath, and Table, but it was sold out across Australia. So the search continues.

But I'm quite pleased with my efforts and I can't wait to have this on our bed in Winter!

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Keren said...

Well done, it looks really nice! I love the colour combo. I started a baby/lap sized one around the same time, just after we found out that friends were expecting after eight long years of trying, and haven't even finished piecing the top together yet. I'll get there one day ...

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Thanks! Yes, it's hard to find the time, you need a good chunk of time to get it done!

Anna @ IHOD said...

LOOOVE the fabrics you chose. They are so much fun:) Would love to learn to quilt someday:)

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Thanks Anna! I love the fabrics too - such fun choosing them!