Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun Friday Links

And so the last month of Summer begins. But it's also my birthday soon, and the weather is nice, and my baby is loving her swimming lessons (although she keeps trying to drink the water, which, in a public swimming pool, totally grosses me out).

So, let's look at some links!

- I haven't seen the last two seasons of 30 Rock, but it's on my list of things to watch. Since it ended last week, this article on Buzzfeed is a nice look at the series from a writer.

- You need to read this article from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar about coming out of the sports closet. He reviewed the TV show Girls, and apparently people couldn't believe that an ex-athlete could have coherent thoughts on something in the pop culture arena.

- Mean Girls was such a good film. So Buzzfeed looks at where the dudes from the film are now. You will not believe who Shane Oman is now. Seriously, I did NOT realise he plays....well, you'll see.

- Am I the only one watching Smash? Last season definitely had it's faults (Ellis, WTF?), but I thought the season premiere was good. Anyway, read this article on how messed up the show got behind the scenes last season. It's soooo interesting.

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Natalie said...

The KAJ article is good. Hits a nerve for me as I grew up around sporting teams, have worked in sport and have a sports science degree. The idea that all footy players or athletes are dumb is a very narrow minded one.