Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun Friday Links

Busy week for me this week! It was my birthday, and I finished my patchwork quilt, and I had to enroll my daughter in creche, and I did a bunch of other things, the most painful of which happened this morning when I sliced the crap out of my finger while cutting some chicken. GROSS.

Anyway, to distract me from the throbbing in my finger, let's look at some links!

- Nick Miller might be my favourite character on TV. In this piece from Vulture, actor Jake Johnson talks us through Nick Miller's most awkward moves. I just watched the episode where Nick is taken to the little pool by the Asian man, and I have not laughed that hard in a loooong time.

- Like Friends? Take this quiz on Buzzfeed, which is asking how well you know Friends. I watch reruns whenever they're on TV (it's a sickness, I can't not watch), and I'm sad to say I got two wrong.

- I haven't played The Sims in a while (my sister LOVES it), so I don't know how advanced it is now. This list of the 29 Weirdest Thing to Ever Happen in The Sims tells me that they are pretty crazy. Apparently you can drop your Sim baby in a FISH TANK? And sadly, I can related to number 4. A lot. Number 6 and number 13 cracked my shit up.

- The Oscars are this weekend! Some lady had the time to create a site that chronicles every Oscar stat imaginable. I hope you have the rest of the afternoon free, because it is INCREDIBLE.

- My sister lives in London, and posted a link to this Tumblr today. Books on the Underground is photos of books that live on the underground trains that people can read while they travel. Such a good idea! If they did that here, I might take public transport more often......MAYBE.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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