Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Friday Links

Happy Friday, everyone! Especially happy for Australians because it's a long weekend to celebrate Australia Day. Eat lots of lamingtons, meat pies pavlovas, and vegemite, people! But not all at once. Because that would be the worst mix of flavours in the world.

Let's look at some links!

- A baby elephant was born at Melbourne Zoo this past week. Please enjoy these ADORABLE pictures of it having a swim.

- Mad Men Season 6 promo pics. Joan looks amazing, as always.

- The President was sworn in this week, but it was the First Lady and the.....First Daughters(?) stole the show. I love that family.

- Let's laugh at celebrity year book photos. They're dorks, just LIKE US.

- I love Pinterest. BUT. I love Pinterest Fail even more. Ooh, and this one.

Enjoy your weekend, people! Pin It

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